Strengthen your back at home with these exercises, using a simple elastic band

If we seek to show off even with clothes on our torso, nothing better than working the back to widen the trunk and also achieve an adequate body posture that reveals elegance. Therefore, we propose to strengthen your back at home using a simple elastic band, with the following exercises:

Rowing with elastic band

The first thing is to choose an elastic band that offers adequate resistance to your training level. That is to say, if you take time training that has greater hardness and that requires more effort to stretch or vice versa in case you are a beginner.Once we have done with the right elastic band, we can work the back with one of the best exercises for it: the rowing and its variants.

Thus, we can perform:

Horizontal rowing: passing one end of the elastic band under one of our feet and bringing the other foot back, with the back inclined, we hold the free end of the band with the opposite hand. From there, we bring the elbow back, always with the arm flexed, on the side of the body as we would with dumbbells. We could also execute it with both arms together positioning ourselves as shown below:


Rowing the chin or neck: similar to how we would do it in a low pulley we can pass the middle part of the band by our two feet and hold the ends with our hands. From there, with legs slightly bent and separated, we take the elbows by the sides of the head upwards trying to bring the elastic band to the chin.

Seated Rowing: this exercise that is usually done in low pulley we can execute seated with extended legs, having fastened the middle part of the band on the bottom of our feet. The ends are held with our hands and with the back straight, we bring back the elbows by executing an oar seated as shown in the following video:

Another classic that we usually do with dumbbells are the elevations or flights. Some of the most effective variants for working the back are:

Y-Elevations: passing the middle part of the elastic band below our two feet, standing with the back straight and holding the ends of the band with both hands, we raise the arms slightly flexed upwards, by the sides of the head trying to form a “Y” with them as shown below:

Lateral elevations, inclined trunk or bird: as we would do with dumbbells, we can work muscles of the high back by passing half of the elastic band below our two feet. And standing, with separated legs, holding the ends of the band with both hands, we inclined the torso to raise the arms by the sides of the body, perpendicular to it and slightly flexed.

Strengthen your back
Strengthen your back

Inverted flight or reverse fly: seated, with extended legs and middle part of the elastic band around the sole of the feet, we hold the ends of the band with both hands and with slightly flexed elbows, without rotating the wrists, we bring our hands back resembling an opening of wings. We can also execute it standing up, passing half of the elastic band behind a column as you can see in the following video:

With these movements that you can perform with elastic bands it is possible to achieve an effective training at home, requesting muscles from the entire back of the trunk and strengthening the back with such a noble, accessible and versatile element as the band or rubber band.

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