12-week training for the Seville marathon

We leave behind the peak training week and now we only have to reduce kilometers until the day of the race. If you have overcome the long distance of 28 kilometers this Sunday, you have everything practically done. It is true that in those remaining 14 kilometers we can not know for sure how our body is going to behave, but that last long run can give us information about how the day of the race is going to go. Without further delay, we go with week 10 of training for the marathon, and with less workload.


We remind you that you can follow the training also through our Instagram profile, where we solve your possible doubts. In the stories we also share our long runs with you, always with the hashtag # VitónicaMaratón, so that it is easy to find (and stays saved in the featured stories).

After Monday’s well-deserved rest, we opened the week of training with the short distance of 12 kilometers at a comfortable pace, within our aerobic zone. We continue adding kilometers to arrive with the legs in shape the day of the race.

Now that the weekly kilometers begin to diminish, it is a good idea to give prominence to strength training, perhaps including those two days of training per week that we propose in our plan. Keep in mind that in a flat marathon like Sevilla is going to have to pull strength and leg power to move forward, without having moments of rest as the slopes can be down in other races. Having strong legs will determine especially those last kilometers of the race.

Seville marathon
Seville marathon

Thursday, as always, is our day of series, and this week we return to the series in pyramid. We will make long series with the rest that we see opportune between them so that our pulsations go back down to the zone of normality. Eye, because the longest series is a 3000 that can take our toll on the last two: it regulates speed and effort well.

On Saturday we maintain our continuous eight-kilometer run to move our legs a little and, on Sunday, we return to a long distance distance: 16 kilometers in an aerobic zone to continue adding but at a lower level.

We remind you that this week we have left you on the web (and Instagram stories) our playlist for the marathon, with four and a half hours of music to accompany you in the race.

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