All the effects the keto diet can have on the menstrual cycle

All the effects the keto diet can have on the menstrual cycle
All the effects the keto diet can have on the menstrual cycle

All the effects the keto diet The keto or ketogenic diet is a widely used alternative to burn fat and therefore, it is used both to lose weight and to define muscle. However, it also has some therapeutic uses and different side effects, the latter can include effects on the menstrual cycle as we show you below.

It is called a keto or ketogenic diet because it induces ketosis in the body, that is, it promotes the formation of ketone bodies that are used in our body as an energy source instead of glucose.

To carry out this diet it is essential to reduce the intake of carbohydrate source foods as much as possible, including fruits and vegetables in general. Thus, the sources of energy are above all, foods rich in protein and fat.

Because the main sources of energy from the body such as carbohydrates are eliminated, the keto diet induces the burning of fat and can significantly reduce the proportion of adipose tissue in the body.

Since sex hormones have a strong relationship with the fat stored in the body, the decrease in lipids that the keto diet causes in the body can affect the menstrual cycle.

Considerable weight loss can also influence the menstrual cycle and that is why, we tell you the effects on women and their menstruation, of the ketogenic diet.

Polycystic ovary syndrome can be the cause of many menstrual irregularities, having longer cycles, amenorrhea or absence of menstruation for a long time or, scant menstruation.

The keto diet has been shown to be helpful in reducing menstrual cycles in obese women with PCOS and also benefited the body composition and metabolism of these women.

Since PCOS is strongly associated with obesity, the keto diet is likely to benefit control of this condition due to the loss of weight and body fat it causes.

Although the keto diet does not establish quantities but rather consists of taking care of the quality of what we eat by choosing sources of protein and fat as priority sources of energy, it is possible that many people carry out more strict and restrictive versions of it.

Thus, if the keto diet causes considerable stress in a person’s life or if it has caused a sudden decrease in weight and body fat, it can be the cause of secondary amenorrhea, mainly due to the reduction in leptin that the changes entail.

Likewise, if we have lost a lot of weight, the metabolism suffers and there may be a fall in certain thyroid hormones that as a consequence, can be the cause of a withdrawal of the rule.

Clearly, the keto diet can influence our menstrual period causing improvements, in case it corrects excess weight and body fat and that this is the cause of irregularities in the rule or on the contrary, being harmful if it is a cause of stress or a sudden and considerable loss of fat.

Whatever the effect, we must bear in mind that the keto diet always requires professional supervision and that in the event of an amenorrhea or absence of menstruation for more than three months it is also worth consulting a doctor to address its control or regularization.

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