How To Choose Antique Farmhouse

Antique farmhouse This old farm has been converted into a spacious and modern house where its current owners, a young couple with children, have created the perfect setting to enjoy their ideal Christmas.

Antique farmhouse converted into a comfortable family home
Antique farmhouse converted into a comfortable family home

Her fondness for Instagram made it possible for Lena Lidman, @ lenalidman85, to buy her dream home – an old 19th-century farm located in a small town in northern Sweden.

And it is that both she and her partner, Anders Liljeström, wanted a house far from the city, especially when their children were born: Nils, 3 years old and Elsa, two. One of her followers asked Lena if she was interested in taking a look at her house for sale. “They wanted to sell the house without agencies in between. When we went to visit it, it gave us a feeling of being uninhabited. All painted in white, she was deprived of that characteristic spirit of the old houses that we have tried to recreate ”.

To make the most of the space, Lena’s father custom-made a bookshelf that they placed under the window. Painted the same gray color as the wall, the mimicry is perfect. In the image below, a metal table and a wicker chair complete the area.

Painting, by Artilleriet. The wooden table comes from an antique shop and the bronze candelabra from a flea market. Below: vase, from Ikea. Candlesticks, by Royal Design. Vintage Whicker Armchair by Designbutiken If you want to achieve an elegant atmosphere in the living room, opt for this extremely discreet color duo, even in tree decoration. Pennant garlands, from and decorations, from Granit.

In the spacious living room, a natural spruce tree was found, coming from the forest near the farm. The owner of the house —Lena— decorated it with simple black and white decorations and paper garlands, cheerful and simple.Kílim and divan, from www. they. Table and sofa, by Royal Design and articulated wall lamp,

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The hallway was recently wallpapered with a vegetal design, which Lena loves. A small fir tree planted in a wooden box displays its charm at the entrance. Wallpaper, by William Morris. Jarapa rug from Myrorna. Silla, from Sheepskin and box, purchased at a street market.

A corner was organized in the hall to leave coats and shoes. To personalize it, Lena’s father installed a strip with hangers on the wall, matching the skirting board and the paneled doors of the cabinets. Coat rack by Ikea. Basket, from Afroart and planter, from Bergs Potters.

Feel Christmas throughout the house. In addition to the tree, decorate your home with small details arranged on chairs, doors, furniture and windows, such as this one in the living room adorned with a mini fern tree and a hanging star. Perfect! The spacious rustic kitchen was equipped with a generous office, with an elongated table, chairs and bench, located next to the window.

An old blue table purchased from an antique shop was placed under the window. Above it rests a rustic center full of bulbs. Nordic chairs, from Rum21. The table is handmade and the bank was purchased from a flea market. On the table, ceiling lamps by and standing by the window by House Doctor. Nordal hanging candle rack

Kitchen utensils are functional and decorative, like those displayed on a wall shelf and on a reclaimed green sideboard that was previously part of a store. Wall shelf from Blocket (second hand online store). Porcelain tableware from House Doctor, Indiska and Lagerhaus. On the sideboard: kitchen robot from KitchenAid. Round cutting boards from House Doctor. Candle holders, for sale in

Visits to rakes are sometimes helpful, as was the case with this aged door that Lena bought at a flea market and now looks perfect in the kitchen pantry. Decorated with a Christmas wreath, the contrast is striking Upstairs, the bed in the master bedroom was placed in front of the window as a headboard. On the right, a sideboard and paintings acquired in a flea market. On the left, a wardrobe closet painted grayish blue like the walls. In a corner, at the foot of the bed, a small desk was arranged that Lena uses to make moodboards, package gifts or craft projects.

In front of the bed, the glass doors of the vintage wardrobe allow you to see the household linen stored inside. Next to it, a chair purchased from a flea market was placed and, between them, a small fir tree symbolizes Christmas. Wardrobe, by Pentik. On the chair, cushion and sheepskin by Tell Me More. Acquiring a house with history can include some pleasant surprise, like the one Lena discovered on the top floor: circular wooden beams that retained all their charm. So, he decided to leave them as is, but before he reinforced the ceiling well

In bed: cushion and skirts, from Them. Linen bedspreads: blue by Tell Me More and beige by Ernst. Coat rack, from Victoria Home. Feather duster, by Hay and wall lamp, by Them. In the image below: desk and articulated lamp, purchased from a flea market. Silla, from Them. Basket, from Ikea. Candle holder by Candle Pin. Vases: large, from House Doctor and small, on the shelf, from H&M Home.

Recreating the original atmosphere of an old house is challenging. Lena did this with vintage furniture and replacing the plugs with vintage ones. Chest of drawers and flowerpot, from street markets. Wall swan from Suitcase and basket, from local stores.

Next to the main bedroom, Nils’ room is covered for the most part with a large carpet that allows the little one to play big on the floor. A canopy with garlands of lights covers the bed and acts as a night guard. Cabinets and bed, from Ikea. Carpet, from Them. Canopy, by Cirkusfabriken. Lamp in the shape of a rabbit, from Cushion on the floor, from Tell Me More. Stool and shelf on the wall, flea markets.

Cloth hoops and shark, from Ikea. Storage bags from TellKiddo. Watt & Veke’s Christmas Star. Garland of lights, from Happy Lights. Wooden box, from a street market. In the image below: tippi, from Granit. Maileg Sock Garland. The poster on the wall is from Le Kiosk Shop. Nils loves the animals he plays with in his particular tippi. Now they share space with Christmas decorations that gracefully decorate their little haven.

Next to her brother’s room is little Elsa’s room, equipped with a canopy crib and a mini crib for her dolls. On the floor, a soft mat is perfect for sitting and playing. A garland of pennants decorates the room from side to side, and a bookshelf houses her early tales and stuffed animals. Cradle, from Miniroom. Cushions and canopy, Number 74. Mini toy crib purchased in a flea market. Carpet, from Them. Garland by Cirkusfabriken. Metal trunk by Åhlens. The wall shelf comes from Rum21.

The plot, in addition to the two-story house, had a garage and plenty of outside space for children to enjoy. The interior was distributed in the typical style of the houses in the area: a generous hall, a spacious kitchen, with living rooms on both sides, and the bedrooms and bathroom on the top floor. The environment could not be more bucolic, with fields and farmhouses on the edge of a forest. They had finally found the ideal place! It is just a year since they bought the farm and already all the rooms have been transformed to suit the needs of the new owners.

The wooden flooring – present throughout the house, except for the entrance – was sanded and tried to regain its former splendor. The couple was delighted with the final result. The ceilings were reinforced with wood paneling, which protects them from the cold, and Lena painted the walls a matt gray, which takes on a bluish, green or beige shade depending on the light, or wallpaper them with floral motifs, as in the receiver. “It is not a pain to paper or paint. It amuses me, ”says Lena. I’ve become so good at this that I don’t even need to use bodybuilder tape to paint. ” Large, fluffy, and colorful rugs, and cushions on beds, chairs, or the sofa abound in most rooms. Textiles create a cozy atmosphere.

Much of the furniture is old, purchased from thrift stores or flea markets. Lena and Anders are especially proud of the result of the doors, both from the one in the pantry “I just need to find the perfect handle” —said Lena—, as well as the installation of double leaves in each room. “We found ideal doors in the garage and decided to use them.” This is the first Christmas they spend in their new home. Far from the typical red decorations, they have decorated the house with natural elements, small firs from the outside, white amaryllis and lighted candles that transmit joy and warmth. “As a child I have celebrated Christmas in the same way with my family and now I want my children to create those same memories here.”

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