Iphone 9: Apple Will Launch A Low-Cost Mobile Phone In March Issues And How To Solve Them

Apple Will Launch Bloomberg says the new iPhone 9 will feature a design inherited from the iPhone 8, but will be more powerful and will be launched at some point in March

Apple Will Launch A Low-Cost Mobile Phone In March By Doing Less
Apple Will Launch A Low-Cost Mobile Phone In March By Doing Less

The iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, but also one of the least economical. This situation could change with the launch in March of what has been baptized, in the absence of an official name, such as the iPhone 9. This iPhone 9 would be the spiritual heir of the iPhone SE, a mobile with a wounded design of the iPhone 5S, but with more advanced components and that delighted those users who wanted a small phone, even more than the iPhone 8 or iPhone X .

In this case, the design that would be reused would be that of the aforementioned iPhone 8: a 4.7-inch screen, with thicker edges than current models, Touch ID technology (fingerprint reader) instead of FaceID (facial recognition cameras ) and a much lower price than other Apple phones.

This would be the first of the new iPhone that Apple will launch in 2020. For more advanced models, we would have to wait until September, the date on which it traditionally announces its mobiles. This year, rumors point to four new models outside the iPhone 9: two iPhone 12 and two iPhone 12 Pro, each pair with smaller and larger screens.

If the prices of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 are an indicator of the possible price of the iPhone 9, this would cost between 400 and 479 euros, less than half of what the company’s latest mobiles, iPhone 11, currently cost. and a third of what the iPhone 11 Pro may cost new.

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According to what Bloomberg has published, the cheapest iPhone will go into production sometime in February and will reach the market in March, possibly, together with new models of the iPad Pro, the high-end tablets that Apple manufactures and whose latest versions are They launched at the end of 2018.

One of the main criticisms about Apple as a phone manufacturer is its prohibitive price, always above 800 euros in recent years. But with the possible launch of the iPhone 9 below 500 euros, the company would not only please those who want to continue in the iOS ecosystem with an updated and modern device without having to make a huge expense.

It remains to be seen if Apple fits the information published by Bloomberg, but given the constant leaks and rumors about this device and the successes in the past of the sources that pour these rumors, it is expected that the company will hold an event at the beginning of Spring to showcase your news.

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