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Aviation Recipe Ingredients

-2oz of Gin

-1 / 4oz of Maraschino Liquor

-1/2 oz of Lemon Juice

-Dash of violet cream or violet liquor

-Lemon peel

Preparation method

Pour the ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake strongly for 15 seconds and strain into a Cocktail or Coupe glass, flambé the lemon peel on the glass and decorate with the same peel.

Aviation Recipe like An Expert Follow These 14 Steps To
Aviation Recipe like An Expert Follow These 14 Steps To

A little history

The Aviation cocktail is one of those cocktails whose past is a bit uncertain. We do not know for sure who its creator was but according to David Wondrich´s the recipe was written in a Hugo Ensslin book called “Recipes for Mixing Drinks”.

The drink that has maintained its popularity through the years has recently become one of the classics of cocktail enthusiasts. Until recently, the violet cream had been left out of the mix, but a slight touch of this liquor adds depth and color to the cocktail bar.

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Do not be fooled by the color, the aviator cocktail or ‘aviation cocktail’ is nothing innocent, the main ingredient is gin combined with other liqueurs and lemon juice. In another Okdiario article we made homemade cherry liqueur, today a sophisticated mauve cocktail.

The 19th and early 20th centuries were prolific in cocktails, cocktails such as the B52, the Mai Tai or the Mimosa cocktail were created. Many of these combinations were prepared in the bars of the luxury hotels of the time, a must for lovers of glamor in those days. The aviator cocktail is no stranger to this tradition. It was created at the Wallick Hotel in New York at the beginning of the 20th century. The architect of this cocktail is the bartender Hugo Ensslin.

In this first recipe, he used cream of violets or crème de violette, a liqueur made with violets that also had a purple aroma and coloring. Its flavor was sweet but slightly dry. This liquor was not always easy to get, so the aviator cocktail was sometimes made without adding it.

In a well-known 1930s cocktail manual Harry Harry Craddock’s vo Savoy Cocktail Book ’, among the ingredients of the aviator cocktail, violet cream is not listed, surely because it was quite difficult to obtain in those days. Later would come the Perfecto Perfect Love Liquor ’that continues to be sold. This liquor also carries violence but introduced new nuances, such as that of Spanish oranges and vanilla from Madagascar.

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