The Basic Facts Of Seven Ways To Avoid New Year’s Eve Hangover

Avoid New Year’s Eve Hangover Only a few days ago we have spent Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas food and everything that will be extended later. We are still trying to recover from everything we ate – and drank – those days and yet we already have an eye on the next dinner and later New Year’s Eve party.

And it is that without Christmas we have the risk of overdoing it with alcohol, on New Year’s Eve the risk is greater because it is a night in which we tend to leave after the holidays. The bad comes the next day when we have to get up to eat with family or friends and the hangover does not leave us too eager to do so. However, with these seven tricks it will be easier to avoid the almost assured New Year‘s Eve hangover.

Avoid New Year s Eve Hangover You Can t Afford To Miss
Avoid New Year s Eve Hangover You Can t Afford To Miss

One of the most common recommendations regarding alcohol consumption is that we intercalate alcoholic beverages with water. The advice is not only tremendously successful, but it is almost essential that we follow it if we want to avoid a hangover. The first reason is that, interspersed with water, we will be able to consume less alcohol than we would consume if we did not.

In addition, alcoholic beverages are diuretic, which leads us to urinate much more often than normal. This makes it easier for us to become dehydrated which worsens some of the hangover symptoms such as headache or thirst. Drinking water between drinks will help us stay well hydrated and reduce the risk of hangover.

These types of cocktails are very tempting for their striking colors, but especially because they drink very easily and taste great. This is due to the large amounts of sugar they usually contain. However, the reality is that they also usually carry types of alcohol with very high graduations such as rum, vodka, tequilas or gins.

One of the problems that these cocktails entail is that, when taken with such ease it almost seems that we are not making a high consumption of alcohol when the reality is that yes. In addition, the large amount of sugar it contains, combined with alcohol, makes hangover symptoms even worse by promoting stomach bags or irritability.

Ethanol is one of the best known components of alcoholic beverages. What is not so well known is that, when it is fermented by alcohol, other substances such as methanol or acetone appear. These substances are known as congeners and are partly to blame for how alcohol feels.

And these substances are toxic and accentuate and worsen hangovers. The simple way to know which drinks have more congeners is to look at the color of the drinks. As a rule, alcoholic beverages that have more congeners are the darkest. Therefore, if we want to avoid a big hangover it is better not to consume red wine, rum, whiskey or cognac, among others.

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For some years now to this part, the mixture of alcoholic drinks with energy drinks has become increasingly fashionable. For some people this is an aid to endure the night awake and getting less tired. It is very likely that they will help us to better endure the party. The problem is that they also attract the hangover to our lives.

One of the reasons is that a substance that is depressing the nervous system and another that is stimulating come together. This can cause our body to feel excessive exhaustion afterwards. In addition, getting lengthen the party night thanks to the consumption of stimulating drinks will make us drink more and the consequences are worse.

The truth is that on New Year’s Eve it is more than likely that we will not sleep too much. However, getting out of our usual sleep pattern can affect the hangover we feel the next day. Although little sleep is not going to be the hangover trigger it will worsen the symptoms we already have. It is important that we rest well and return to our usual sleep pattern as soon as possible.

Alcohol consumption not only dehydrates us, but also makes our glucose levels look altered. The next morning of excessive alcohol consumption, blood sugar levels are very low and need to recover so that we begin to find ourselves better. For this, breakfast is a good first step. This should be as healthy as we can and full of nutrients. For this, it is best to avoid foods that contain sugar and pass us to breakfasts that carry bananas, tomatoes, eggs or even tuna.

It is the last advice, but in reality it is also the most useful and important. If we do not want to have a hangover the next day, the best option we have is to not drink any alcohol or at least moderate the amount we consume. We know that, due to the culture of alcohol that surrounds this party, it is very difficult, but it is not impossible and the next day we will appreciate it.

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