Baked Chicken In Cocotte Or Iron Casserole Easy Recipe

Baked Chicken In Cocotte Or Iron Casserole Easy Recipe
Baked Chicken In Cocotte Or Iron Casserole Easy Recipe

Baked Chicken A cast iron cocotte or casserole is the best utensil that we can use to achieve a perfect roast chicken in the simplest way. Whether or not it has an enameled interior, this material allows the ingredients to be browned on the plate first, and then they are finished cooking in the oven, creating a double-baked effect, generating its own atmosphere inside.

Actually the recipe can be adapted to taste or to give out the vegetables that we have at home at that time. This time we have not added potatoes, because at home we like to serve the roast and its delicious sauce with puree, but they can be incorporated without any problem. Onion, garlic and carrots are the trio that does not fail; we could also use turnip, sweet potato, parsnip … to taste.

By browning the chicken, we first begin to caramelize the meat and create a base of fat and great flavor to give joy to all the vegetables. After baking, it will only be necessary to gratinate a few minutes without the lid to achieve the final caramelised and crunchy browning, also reducing the juices of the sauce. Time and temperature can be adjusted according to our rush; The heat that is created inside the casserole allows it to be reduced to about 140-150ºC, also depending on the size of the chicken.


Chicken (whole and clean, best free-range) 1.5 kg
Onion medium or 1 large 2
Garlic clove 3
Carrot 3
Medium or 3-4 small colored bell peppers 2
Montilla-Moriles fine wine or white wine 150 ml
Chicken broth (approximately) 150 ml
Dijon mustard
Provencal herbs
Ground black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Preheat the oven to 200ºC with heat up and down and air, if you have one. Let the chicken warm up a bit if we have had it in the fridge, and finish cleaning or burning any traces of feathers or blood. Flange the legs and wings with twine, and season generously all over.

Prepare the vegetables by washing them, peeling them if necessary and cutting them into medium pieces. If we are going to crush the sauce we can cut them smaller. The garlic can be left whole if we only want it to add flavor, or we can laminate or chop it.

Heat two or three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in the casserole over high heat and brown the whole chicken, turning it so that it takes color all over. Remove to a plate and reserve. Add to that fat that has released all the vegetables, season and cook, stirring a few minutes so that they take on color.

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