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battenberg recipe Today I am going to show you how to prepare a Battenberg Cake. For those of you who don’t know it, this is one of the most attractive cakes in British pastry, and how could it be otherwise, this cake accompanies the “famous” tea of ​​the five in England. The first Battenberg sponge cake was made to celebrate the marriage of Princess Victoria to Prince Louis of Battenberg in the late 19th century.

battenberg recipe How to make a Battenberg Cake
battenberg recipe How to make a Battenberg Cake

Traditionally this sponge cake is flavored with almonds and consists of two colors, yellow and pink (it is said that they represent the four princes of Battenberg), the biscuits are glued together with jam, usually apricot and all the sponge cake is covered in marzipan. Well, now we are going with the recipe for this chess cake.

200g butter, softened

250g white sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla paste

235g flour with yeast (sponge cake)

100g ground almonds

6 eggs M

3 tablespoons of apricot jam

250g marzipan


We will start preparing the cake. We put the butter, sugar and vanilla paste in the mixer bowl and beat until the preparation blanches and is fluffy.

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We are adding the eggs, one by one, and we do not add the following until the previous one is fully integrated.

Add the flour and the ground almonds (sifted) and beat at medium speed until it is integrated.

We divide the dough into two equal parts and one we color it with a few drops of pink dye, we mix until we get a uniform color.

Pour the dough into two plum cake molds, previously greased, and bake at 180ºC for approximately 20 minutes or until a toothpick is pricked, it comes out clean.

Once baked, we put the biscuits on a rack to cool completely.

Now we go with the assembly. We put a cake on top of another and cut the edges of the cake with a serrated knife, until we get a perfect square.

We cut each cake longitudinally in half, so that we have four equal cake strips.

We spread the biscuit strips with jam to stick them (a yellow one next to a pink one, to create the chessboard). We reserve.

Now we will prepare the marzipan, on two baking papers and with the help of a rolling pin, we will stretch the marzipan until we get a rectangle about 3mm thick that covers the entire cake.

Brush the top of the cake with jam, and place it on the marzipan on one side, with the layer of jam down. Brush the remaining three sides of the jam and wrap the cake.

We turn the cake carefully, so that the seam is below. We cut the excess marzipan and voila. so far today’s recipe. If you liked this chess cake, you will surely like the chess cookies that I prepared a few months ago.

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