Ultimate Guide To Breakfast Like A King, Eat Like A Prince And Have Dinner Like A Beggar

Best Breakfast Like A King Until a while ago (not too far away) the popular saying that told us that we should have breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dine like a beggar believed himself accurate. However, is it a myth or does it really work to lose weight? Science refutes more popular beliefs every day and in the case of this saying it has not turned out differently, but each of its parts has been demystified with recent studies:

Breakfast is a meal that has been overrated for a long time, and perhaps that is why it is essential for many of us if we do not want to feel hungry shortly after having missed it or for a whole morning. However, breakfast is not only not essential but not having breakfast is not harmful. It is only a matter of habit and therefore, those who prefer to continue with their practice or have the habit of doing it can continue in the same way, while those who do not have breakfast can be harmed by being forced to eat early in the day, without hunger or need of eating food

Best Breakfast Like A King, Eat Like A Prince And Have Dinner Likes
Best Breakfast Like A King, Eat Like A Prince And Have Dinner Likes

Breakfast is not an essential meal, its non-realization will not destroy us all the muscle we have nor will it make us eat more later, unless we have the habit of having breakfast and there is a habit of eating something early in the morning. tomorrow you can play against us as an investigation by Obesity magazine points out.

In obese studies indicate that not making breakfast is not compensated by eating more later, therefore, not having breakfast does not imply an obstacle when losing weight but instead concentrating most of the calories in the first meal was counterproductive for fat burning in a small study published more than 10 years ago.

How To Deal With(A) Very Bad Breakfast Like A King, Eat Like A Prince And Have Dinner Like A Beggar: Is It A Myth Or Does It Really Work To Lose Weight?

This leads us to think that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, but that its great appreciation is due more to a marketing strategy than to a need to take care of health, because as we said, breakfast is not essential, eat much in that meal is also not beneficial for losing weight and not having breakfast is not counterproductive at the time of losing weight and it will not harm our health in other ways.

As with the breakfast that we should do as a king, dinner was always poorly valued and in it we should concentrate the lowest proportion of calories of the day according to the popular saying that we are placing under the magnifying glass. However, a review published a year ago indicates that there is no scientific evidence to support the recommendation to eat little to lose weight, so we would not have to make the last meal of the day as a beggar if we are really very hungry.

It is clear that if we do not have a habit of dining or if we do not have an appetite at the end of the day we could simply have a small dish or a fruit and nothing else, but if on the contrary we are hungry, there is no reason to limit ourselves because this practice is not backed at all. Even eating more at dinner could be helpful to improve our body composition, losing fat and gaining muscle and thus, helping our attempts to lose weight, as American scientists found.

That is, just as breakfast is overrated, dinner is undervalued and we mistakenly consider and contrary to what science has sometimes shown us that eating little helps lose weight. Eat more at breakfast because it is recommended or eat little at dinner because it is indicated by a popular saying or supported by my grandmother is not appropriate foundation if we seek to take care of health.

To lose weight the key is to listen to our body, trying to identify the presence of hunger and appetite and respond appropriately, with quality food or dishes to these signals. Breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dine like a beggar has no scientific support and do the opposite does not hinder weight loss

That is, if we feel hungry or desire to have breakfast because we are used to it, better to do it by tasting nutritious and satiating options to lose weight, while if we do not experience appetite at raw times of the day it is not beneficial to force ourselves to eat since as we said, no Breakfast does not hinder weight loss, nor do you dine too much. Adjusting as much as possible to our physiological needs and choosing quality foods in each meal we make is essential to lose weight while taking care of our health.

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