Healthy Breakfast Ideas:Refreshing Summer Morning Meals To Beat The Heat

Best Ideas For A Healthy Breakfast  Although breakfast is not an essential meal, we who are accustomed to its completion cannot ignore its intake, therefore, for those of us who choose to put this first daily meal into practice, we leave 31 ideas for a healthy breakfast in summer. Fresh, simple and very nutritious dishes make up our selection of ideas for a healthy breakfast in summer:

If you are looking for a super healthy preparation that may or may not be accompanied by other foods, smoothies or smoothies are a very useful alternative. We can go like this to smoothies to drink with various fruits or even with vegetables like the ones shown below:

Spinach and peach smoothie: packed with vitamin A, fiber and antioxidants without added sugars and ideal for vegans. Smoothie of red fruits and mango: a super fresh and moisturizing alternative, ideal for a breakfast without more, light but satiating due to its quality protein content. Pumpkin smoothie with protein: for those who train hard and make a breakfast before the effort, this option full of protein and energy of natural origin is a very good alternative.

Smoothie of blackberries, kale and spinach: for vegans who seek to incorporate healthy fats, proteins and quality hydrates at the same time this breakfast can be a good alternative that although we can accompany some toasts you do not need more because it is very satiating and moisturizing.

Best Ideas For A Healthy Breakfast In Summer The Samurai Way
Best Ideas For A Healthy Breakfast In Summer The Samurai Way

Smoothie with kiwi, avocado and pear: we recommend avoiding the honey in the recipe and instead use sweeteners without artificial or natural calories such as stevia. It is an option with a lot of fiber, with complex hydrates, quality proteins and good fats, so it is a unique dish ideal for breakfast with little time. Green smoothie: it is a very light preparation due to its high aqueous content and therefore also moisturizing. We recommend accompanying it with toasted whole wheat bread or some oatmeal flakes.

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Smoothie or creamy peach and yogurt smoothie: using stevia or another sweetener in replacement of the recipe syrup we can achieve a fresh and satiating smoothie due to its quality proteins. Rich in calcium and potassium and ideal to accompany some cereals. Banana, avocado and cocoa smoothie: for chocolate lovers this smoothie is the ideal, refreshing and full of antioxidants and good fats for the body.

In addition to the smoothies to drink we can prepare smoothies bowl and thus, solve a breakfast with a unique dish with preparations such as the following:

Green smoothie bowl of kiwi, arugula and oatmeal: variety of fruits star in this recipe so it is a light option, without added sugars and with many vitamins and minerals that the body needs.
Smoothie bowl of strawberries, bananas and fresh cheese with oatmeal: with many proteins derived from fresh cheese mainly, this smoothie bowl is an option that will easily satisfy us and that will be extremely creamy on the palate.

Smoothie bowl of mango and banana with seeds and red fruits: it is an option with many antioxidants, rich in fiber and with many quality carbohydrates as well as healthy fats from the seeds. Açaí bowl: many red and dried fruits in this recipe that is made in minutes just like the previous options but that has an intense flavor and color due to its ingredients rich in vitamin C and antioxidant polyphenols.

Pineapple and coconut smoothie bowl with berries: this is an alternative for vegans. with quality fats, vegetable proteins and also, variety of micronutrients that the body needs. Porridges or porridge that we can quickly make and that in many cases do not need cooking are another good option for breakfast. In addition, they are easily transportable if we want to have breakfast by the pool, on the beach or at work:

Porridge or porridge with fruits: it is a classic alternative, which we can sweeten with sweetener if we want to reduce the sugar free of the recipe and that goes very well with all kinds of fruits.
Quinoa porridge with bitter chocolate and fruit: unlike the previous traditional recipe, this includes quinoa, resulting in an option for coeliacs who cannot consume oatmeal.

Couscous with milk and fruits: a very fast alternative, for which we only need to hydrate the couscous that takes 5 minutes. Oatmeal porridge with banana: in this alternative we also recommend replacing honey with calorie-free sweeteners and we can use more fruits in addition to the recipe banana.


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