Recipes Of Biscuits And Fitness Cakes, Easy And Fast, To Prepare In Your Own Home

Best Recipes Of Biscuits Many people are taking advantage of this quarantine to cook more and to learn new recipes. Now that we have more time, investing it in preparing more healthy recipes can be a great idea to occupy our time and provide good nutrients to our body.

Best Recipes Of Biscuits And Fitness Cakes, Easy And Fast To Prepare
Best Recipes Of Biscuits And Fitness Cakes, Easy And Fast To Prepare

To put our grain of sand, we leave you this compilation with our 10 best recipes of fitness cakes that you can prepare at home in a simple way. Here you can find everything from brownies to carrot cakes, through the classic yogurt cake, in its most fitness and healthy version.

Preheat the oven to 175ºC and cover with a vegetable paper a square mold of about 20 cm on a side (if it is smaller, the brownies will come out thicker, and vice versa). Chop the chocolate and melt in a bain-marie; let cool.

Beat the eggs with the pumpkin, the oil and the vanilla with a whisk. Add melted chocolate, sifted cocoa, and sweetener, if used. Lightly beat, add the ground hazelnut and salt, and beat on low speed until integrated.

Pour into the mold and bake for about 18-20 minutes. Check the point from 15 minutes, clicking with a toothpick in the center; It should come out slightly stained. Wait out of the oven a little before carefully extracting with the paper and let cool on a wire rack. Cut into squares.

A healthier version of what is the favorite cake of many of us. The part of the sponge cake will be made, as expected, with grated carrots, eggs and oatmeal or protein powder, giving it a special touch of flavor and thus adding quality nutrients. We will prepare the frosting with skyr or Greek yogurt, to get a healthier dessert.

The 10 Best Recipes Of Biscuits And Fitness Cakes, Easy And Fast, To Prepare In Your Own Home Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tricks Go Get A Head Start.

This fitness cake is simple to prepare and very healthy, with a large amount of protein thanks to the contribution of the egg whites. Oatmeal, this time, replaces traditional pastry flour, helping to make it a healthier recipe. We bring the sweet touch thanks to the mashed banana and dates.

Another version of our beloved brownie, in which in this case we will not use either sugar to sweeten or flour. We will obtain the juiciness and sweetness thanks to the well-ripened banana puree that gives the recipe that sweet touch. We will use dark chocolate and pure cocoa powder to give it an intense chocolate flavor.

This light version of the cheesecake will be made with good quality dairy products such as Greek or natural skyr yogurt and cream cheese. We will provide a good amount of protein thanks to the egg whites, and we will add more nutrients with the oatmeal and the ground almond. An ideal dessert to take after a special meal or as a mid-afternoon snack.

The classic yogurt cake, but in a much healthier version. To make it we will use a greater quantity of egg whites than whole eggs, thus making a greater contribution of protein. In addition, we will replace the traditional flour with ground oatmeal (you can make it by passing the flaked oats through the mixer) and add good quality skyr yogurt or whole Greek yogurt.

Another healthier version of the classic carrot cake or carrot cake, made with more egg whites, for an extra contribution of protein. The frosting, in this case, we will elaborate with fresh skimmed beaten cheese to which we can add a few drops of stevia to achieve a sweeter flavor, although natural it is also perfect.

A delicious fitness raspberry cake, perfect for our breakfasts while we telework, those of the weekend, or to accompany a coffee or tea in the afternoon. We will make it with eggs, oatmeal and skimmed fresh cheese to get a lot of flavor without using sugar and providing good nutrients.This recipe for fitness apple pie achieves a super juicy finish that contrasts with the crisp touch of almonds on the top layer . Made with apples, milk or vegetable drink, eggs and oatmeal, it is also very nutritious and provides us with very good quality nutrients.

We really like chocolate, we are not going to fool ourselves, and that is why we end this compilation with another version of our favorite cake, the brownie, in a more fitness and super juicy version. On this occasion we will make it with compote or applesauce and we will give it a sweeter point using dates.

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