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Better Wholemeal I know that bread is not essential and that many low-carb or fit diets avoid it, but I love it. Mind you, not just any bread; I try to choose it artisan, of mother mass and with flour and cereals of quality, also I usually do it myself. This homemade rye and spelled whole grain bread recipe is great to start experimenting with the doughs when you don’t have any experience yet.

Better Wholemeal Homemade Rye And Spelled Bread
Better Wholemeal Homemade Rye And Spelled Bread

It is an adaptation of one of my favorite chefs, perfect for those who do not dare to make the leap of the homemade bakery because all that of the ferments, kneads and rises throws them back. You just have to mix, let stand and bake, and it is also a very nutritious and completely integral bread.

Warm the water slightly so that it is warm – touching it with your finger should not burn us. Add milk or vegetable drink and yeast; stir well to dissolve it a little. Mix the flours with the oatmeal and salt in a large bowl. Form a small hole in the center and pour the mixture of water and yeast. Combine a little and add all the seeds. We can take the variety and quantity that we like the most, changing some pipes for nuts or adding raisins or dates, for example.

Wholemeal Homemade Rye And Spelled Bread: Easy And Unmasked Healthy Recipe Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

Work the dough in the bowl until we have a homogeneous dough without dry lumps. It will be wet. Cover the container with plastic film or a damp cloth and let stand for about an hour, until almost double its volume. If we put it in a warm place it will rise earlier. When it has grown, preheat the oven to 220ºC. Turn over a lightly floured surface and give an oval shape, with floured hands also or greased a little with oil. Move to a baking sheet covered with sulfurized paper.

Bake for 10 minutes; lower the temperature to 200 ° C and continue baking until complete about 35 minutes. If it burns too fast from the top, cover with foil. Let cool completly on a rack. The combination of seeds of this whole grain spelled and rye bread makes it delicious on its own, but we can really take it at any time and with whatever we want. At breakfast, with fresh fruit or homemade compote, some cheese or slices covered with natural yogurt, to accompany a soup or mount avocado toast … Wrapped in a clean cloth cloth and in a cool, dry place, hold well for several days. It can also be frozen in individually wrapped slices, to toast directly.

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