What Happens In Your Body When You Eat An Entire Suchard Nougat Tablet In One Sitting

Body Oh, Christmas! It has arrived with its lights, its gifts and its chocolate nougat tablets that some anxious people have been waiting for months and that are able to eat in one sitting. You know that in Vitónica we are always supporters of moderation, especially with foods such as chocolate nougat that are high in fat and sugar. For those able to start eating and not stop until the tablet is over, here is an explanation of what happens in your body when you commit an excess like that.

Body When You Eat An Entire Suchard Nougat Tablet In One Sitting Work
Body When You Eat An Entire Suchard Nougat Tablet In One Sitting Work

When you pop, there is no stop … until you finish. When tasting chocolate, the brain releases substances, mainly dopamine, that make us feel good and make it difficult for us to just take a snack and put it back in storage. In a moment you have the entire tablet in your hand and when you want to realize only the packaging is left and your pringose ​​fingers And now that?

The first place where all the sugar you just ingested is concentrated in your mouth, so brush your teeth! Some bacteria present in the mouth are capable of transforming sugar into acids that attack teeth and teeth and cause tooth decay and other teeth damage. That’s why it is so important to brush your teeth after eating sweets.

From there it passes to the stomach, which suddenly encounters a huge amount of food high in sugar. The part that can be processed normally passes to the intestine, and from there to the blood. The pancreas increases the amount of insulin to cope with the sugar rush. Meanwhile, since the amount of sugar to be processed is very high in a very short time, another part is stored in the form of fat.

This process tests the metabolic system, which is normally not seen in the face of such a squeeze. That is why during digestion you can even notice how your heart rate accelerates and sweat. After the rush of sugar comes the downturn … downhill and without brakes. The dopamine that our brain released when tasting the nougat and its sweet nutrients ends, and when the sugar levels drop (as sharply as they went up), the opposite effect occurs: instead of well-being, we feel irritable, tired or even dizzy .

Several studies have shown that the brain mechanisms of hunger and food are not the same as those that are activated when we binge, that is, when we start eating and it is so hard for us to stop that sometimes we are unable to do so. The explanation in these cases is that the brain is launching a strategy developed over millennia as a method of survival but that in today’s world plays rather against us: drive us to eat, focusing on foods with higher calorie density , in anticipation of future times of hunger.

Find Out Who’s Talking About This Is What Happens In Your Body When You Eat An Entire Suchard Nougat Tablet In One Sitting And Why You Should Be Concerned

Sweet and caloric foods activate certain regions of the brain related to pleasure and reward, which pushes us to continue eating beyond satiating hunger. Other contrary signals warn the brain that the stomach is full and can stop, but these take a little longer to arrive, and often when they do we have already eaten more than necessary. Our stomach has an approximate capacity of one liter. When we reach it, or even surpass it, the stomach is pressed against the organs and tissues that surround it, generating that feeling of empacho and heaviness.

Binge eating nougat is not recommended at all, but it is not a risk in itself if we do not suffer from other disorders such as diabetes. However, giving yourself regular births can lead to permanent stomach distension, which will end up needing to eat too much to stop feeling hungry, in addition to being able to cause obesity, diabetes and many other associated pathologies, such as heart, respiratory diseases, of the joints, etc. That is why it is important, as we said at the beginning, to always eat with moderation and learn to recognize the impulses that lead us to binge ourselves in order to avoid it. These are some strategies that can help you.

The best thing you can do to avoid bingeing yourself is to avoid putting yourself in the situation that would lead you to consider it. In the case of Christmas nougat, for example, avoid buying a whole tablet if you can buy smaller portions (some brands sell them in chocolate format), and if you do, do not store it at home: give it to a friend, neighbor or family member To keep it for you

Maybe you don’t always feel like eating the whole tablet in one sitting, but today you just can’t think of anything else … If that’s your case, relax: go outside, take a walk, do some sport. If it is a passing impulse, it is likely that when you return you will not feel it anymore and you will have saved the situation. We have not become poetic, you follow us the roll: the desire to zamparte the entire nougat tablet is like a wave in the sense of that go up, up, up … and then down and leave. Knowing this it is easier to endure the tsunami, because you know it will have an end. You just have to handle them long enough for them to pass.

Even if you end up abandoning yourself to that wave, think that you don’t have to finish your entire tablet. You can stop at any time, and although of course it is difficult, with practice it will cost less and less. He thinks it is better to eat 3/4 of a tablet than the whole tablet, and half is better than 3/4. This article was originally published by Rocío Pérez in December 2017 and has been revised for republication.

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