How To Learn Butter Green Beans: The Recipe

Butter Green Beans Today I want to show you how to prepare green beans to become one of your favorite dishes. With a very green color, a somewhat creamy topping and a different cut, your green beans will never be the same with this ideal recipe for starter or garnish.

Butter Green Beans The Recipe That Takes All The Flavor Out Of This
Butter Green Beans The Recipe That Takes All The Flavor Out Of This

I admit that I have never really liked green beans. It would be because my mother always cooked them in excess until they were left with a brownish color or because she was bored of taking them with tomato sauce or with cooked potatoes and paprika but this has changed because now I love them.

After trying them at Las Tortillas de Gabino and then again at Fismuler, I decided to ask Nino Redruello the chef cook of both restaurants (and of La Gabinoeca and Grupo La Ancha) for his recipe to make them so delicious and today I am going to share it with you. Get ready to enjoy (finally) with some simple green beans raised to the maximum expression.

Time Is Running Out! Think About These 7 Ways To Change Your Butter Green Beans: The Recipe That Takes All The Flavor Out Of This Vegetable

Making green beans that are very green, tasty and creamy can seem like a very simple task and it really is not a dish that has much difficulty. However, getting them to be a really delicious dish, deserves a little explanation so that, as has happened with me-, you change your perception of this cheap and traditional dish that you can serve as a starter, use it for a light dinner or serve as garnish, instead of chips or other much more caloric garnishes.

To start, we clean the green beans by cutting the ends or ends. We cook the green beans for exactly five minutes in salted water and as soon as that time passes, we cool them in ice water to cut the cooking and fix well that green color of chlorophyll, which we will like much more than the usual khaki brown color or brown that they usually have.

Once cooked and with that magnificent color, instead of cutting them into two or three cross sections as usual, we are going to cut the beans longitudinally to get very very thin or narrow beans that will cook / heat in a very short time in the second phase that I tell you now.

In a frying pan, we mix a glob of butter with half a tablespoon of flour and make a clear roux. Next, we are adding a little of the cooking water of the beans until we get a very light cream, in which we heat the strips of green beans that will be covered or covered with that cream. And that’s it, they are ready to serve and surprise everyone with its color, its texture -something al dente- and its flavor enhanced by that velouté or bechamel from the broth of the beans themselves.

If you are going to serve the green beans as a garnish, you don’t need anything else. If you are going to serve them as a light dinner or as a starter, you can make a parsley cream and add a few points of this cream to increase color and enhance the flavor. This garnish is perfect for grilled chicken and fish recipes.

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