How To Turn Your Can I Get Pregnant During The Puerperium?

Can I Get Pregnant Did you just give birth and wonder if you can have sex without fear of getting pregnant again? Discover the answer.

Doctors advise that for forty days, after giving birth, do not have sex, because the woman’s body needs this time to return to its normal state.

However, if the lochia (blood loss whose function is to “clean” the endometrium, the tissue that lines the inner walls of the uterus, and thus help this organ to recover its natural size) have ended and the wound of the possible episiotomy has already healed, it is possible to do it a few days before.

Can I Get Pregnant During The Puerperium Reviews & Guide
Can I Get Pregnant During The Puerperium Reviews & Guide

In any case, you have to be very careful, because having sex with penetration during the puerperium can cause tears.

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Also, if you want to have sex with penetration during quarantine, you should not do so without protection. During the puerperium, the woman goes through a period of great fertility so that an oversight can easily lead to pregnancy. In addition, the condom will protect you against any possible infection, since, if you have undergone the episiotomy, the points will not yet heal.

Therefore, before restarting sexual intercourse, it is advisable that the gynecologist perform a control scan, during which the issue of contraceptives will also be discussed: the mother could conceive, even if she is breastfeeding.

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