New Viral Challenge Of Whatsapp: Write A Message To Your Number Neighbor Opportunities For Everyone

New Viral Challenge Of Whatsapp  In recent days, Twitter has been flooded with posts where different users post conversations with “their neighbor number” WhatsApp. The idea is none other than contacting the same phone number in the messaging app by varying the last number, either above or below. The fact is not new, but in recent days it has taken a new momentum.

Is it safe? In theory there should be no danger in contacting other users. However, there have already been cases of users who have uncovered their phone numbers and it could happen that someone uses this challenge for illegal purposes.

Can You Pass The This Is The New Viral Challenge Of Whatsapp
Can You Pass The This Is The New Viral Challenge Of Whatsapp

As we say, the latest fashion of WhatsApp is to contact your number neighbor, that is, send a message to the person with your same phone number with a figure above or below yours and introduce yourself as “your number neighbor” and post it on Twitter. That is, if your phone is 012 345 678, your neighboring numbers would be 012 345 677 and 012 345 679.

What happens when you open conversations to a neighboring number? As you can see in the numerous Twitter posts there are two possibilities: that your contact knows what the game consists of and takes it with humor or quite the opposite.

Some People Excel At This Is The New Viral Challenge Of Whatsapp: Write A Message To Your Number Neighbor And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

Although it has been viralized now, the truth is that it is not the first time it occurs. In fact, it was born in 2008 and in 2016 newspapers such as Daily Mail or The Mirror already published news about this fact. However, in recent days it has taken a new momentum.

But beyond being a viral game, it could involve certain risks. To start, we put our own privacy at stake. For starters, numerous users have posted their WhatsApp conversations with their number neighbors on Twitter, revealing phone numbers.

Beyond that, we must not forget that WhatsApp belongs to the same company as Instagram and Facebook, so if we associate the mobile number with the account, it is not difficult to reach the profiles of our “number neighbors” in others social networks.

As the user @blogoff exposes on his Twitter account, our “number neighbor” can find our Instagram profile if we have the phone number associated with the account. Instagram does not allow the search of accounts by phone number, but of the contacts in the mobile, so the only condition is that you save your contact in your phonebook.

On the other hand, although no cases have been detected, there are those who could use the neighbor’s number game as an excuse to do phishing techniques, that is, get the other person to provide us with personal or bank data for illicit purposes.

Can WhatsApp do something about it? The truth is that guaranteeing privacy is one of the great problems of the company’s head, for which it established end-to-end encryption a few years ago and that it could now be called into question according to the new tool that Facebook prepares To end him.

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