Carbohydrates You Have To Choose And In What Foods To Find Them If You Are Looking For Weight Loss

Carbohydrates  Today is still the day when diets are still surrounded by myths, legends and inaccurate information. The proliferation of miracle diets and companies that profit from the weight loss wishes of many people do not help such myths cease to spread.

Carbohydrates You Have To Choose And In What Foods
Carbohydrates You Have To Choose And In What Foods

One of the most demonized nutrients by popular culture regarding diets is carbohydrates. So much so that many people still think that the ideal diet is to cut in all carbohydrates, especially at night. However, there are some hydrates that can help us in our weight loss: not all of them are the same and we must know which ones help us and in what foods we can find them.

The first thing we need to know when we talk about carbohydrates is that not all are the same or come from the same sources. And not only that, but also the level of processing the food has from which we are getting the hydrates.

In this case, simple or short-chain carbohydrates come from refined flours or processed foods. We can also find them in refined sugars. This type of carbohydrate causes our glucose levels to rise sharply as they are fast assimilated.

This implies that our body receives an immediate energy shot, but that if they do not burn – and usually do not burn – they end up accumulating in the form of fat. This occurs with hydrates that come from white flour, industrial pastries, white pasta, non-whole wheat flour bread, sweets, etc.

Complex or long chain carbohydrates, on the other hand, are composed of several monosaccharides (polysaccharides). Beyond the more technical explanation, what this means is that they are slow assimilation hydrates. The reason is that, for these hydrates to be assimilated by our body, the monosaccharide junctions must be undone.

This causes it to pass more slowly to the bloodstream and, therefore, the glycemic index is lower. These types of hydrates help keep blood sugar levels fairly stable, with no spikes and rises that can lead to weakness and hunger, among other things.

What The Experts Aren’t Saying About What Carbohydrates You Have To Choose And In What Foods To Find Them If You Are Looking For Weight Loss And How It Affects You

These are the hydrates that we have to consume when we want to lose weight. First, because it helps us feel satiated by maintaining stable glucose levels, but it will also help to reduce fat accumulation since slow assimilation makes it easier to burn throughout the day.

The most important polysaccharide carbohydrates that we can find are starch and fiber. These can be found mainly in fruit, vegetables and whole and whole grains. These are some of the healthiest foods that complex carbohydrates offer us and that we can consume when we are on a diet.

Fruit and vegetables are some of the foods that healthier carbohydrates can offer us. This is due to its significant amount of fiber that gives us slow assimilation hydrates. It is true that these types of foods contain fructose – a short chain carbohydrate – but the presence of fiber helps us assimilate this fructose correctly.

This is why it is recommended that we eat the whole fruit with all the fiber and it is not recommended to consume it in juice – not even homemade – because we get rid of the fiber and fructose acts as free sugar. If you run out of ideas to prepare the vegetables in a tasty way, here are 55 recipes that move away from classic salads. As for fruits, we are still in the winter season: these 15 recipes can help you include them in your dishes.

The cereals that we normally consume for breakfast are usually refined and with added sugars, which makes them simple hydrates. However, whole grains give us complex hydrates very suitable to consume when we are on a diet. The most suitable that we can consume are, among others, oatmeal, brown rice or quinoa.

Quinoa is simple to use in different dishes, especially in salads, but here are 21 recipes that can get you out of trouble. Oatmeal, meanwhile, has life beyond breakfast: here we leave 27 sweet and salty recipes with oatmeal to vary your dishes.

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