Do Not Carry Your Mobile Phone Near The Body

Carry Your Mobile Phone The Barcelona City Council encourages its citizens to join a conspiracy movement that ensures that 5G causes cancer Under the title: “5G is not harmless” Barcelona City Council has published a conspiracy and plagued article about cell phones. A propaganda exercise that refers to invented diseases, which describes as “carcinogenic” harmless technologies and that encourages citizens to join a movement founded by a man who denounced – and claimed more than half a million euros – to his neighbor for having an “iPhone that was destroying his health” because of electromagnetic waves.

Carry Your Mobile Phone Near The Body And Other Hoaxes About
Carry Your Mobile Phone Near The Body And Other Hoaxes About

At the same time, the City Council led by Ada Colau promotes the celebration every year of the Mobile World Congress, the main fair on mobile technologies in the world whose thematic star throughout the last appointments is precisely the 5G networks. A congress whose continuity hangs by a thread for years and which, according to the employer of the mobile sector GSMA, has contributed revenues of 4.8 billion euros to the city of Barcelona since its first edition in 2006.

In addition, while on the one hand, the Barcelona City Council promotes the public-private platform 5G Barcelona for the development of this technology. On the other, delusions and unfounded fears are encouraged from the area of ​​Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility under the head of “5G is not harmless”.

The text, signed by La Fàbrica del Sol, an “environmental education equipment” of the aforementioned municipal area, starts by stating that “from 4G mobiles we will pass to 5G mobiles that will allow us to connect almost in real time but this higher speed may have a health risk. ”

An argument that they keep making a brief tour of the history of mobile networks and the possibilities of 5G – a greater speed in the connection and a lower latency in communications – to start criticizing this technology based on the protests that have occurred in different parts of the world and in the “Spanish state”.

“The WHO described in 2011 the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, which are emitted, among others, by wireless technologies (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.) as carcinogens of level 2 B, that is to say as possibly Carcinogenic to human beings, 5G therefore would be so, but with the aggravating fact that its deployment will significantly increase exposure to electromagnetic fields, since it will mean an increase in existing powers because 5G will not replace even 2G, 3G , 4G or Wi-Fi, but it will be added and new frequencies will be used, new antennas will be deployed and it is even said that thousands of satellites will be put into orbit all over the world in order to guarantee this total connectivity. free of exposure, “says the city council of Barcelona.

They also point out that among the “effects on people’s health are: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological damage, cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, infertility, oxidative stress, among others” and places “children, the elderly and pregnant women “like” especially vulnerable to this type of radiation “.

“Do not carry your mobile phone near the body” and other hoaxes about technology promoted by the municipality of Ada Colau

A supposed problem in which places “electrosensitive people” as the most affected. “Electrosensitivity” is a pathology invented to do business that argues that there are people allergic to electromagnetic fields. An alleged ailment that the current Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, tried to be recognized in the European Parliament during his brief stage as MEP.

Also, the article indicates that “electromagnetic fields affect both plants and animals” and that “despite these evidences, the Spanish state, Catalonia and Barcelona in particular, bet on this technology without applying the precautionary principle” . Not content with unfounded criticism, Ada Adau’s government team urges citizens to join a movement led by a charlatan and adopt strange behaviors in relation to technology.

“Join the Stop 5G movement and ask for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G technology until it is known with certainty that it does not affect health and the environment,” says the City Council in the first one. A call to action to join a conspiracy organization that actively requests donations.

The Stop 5G movement is led by Arthur Firstenberg, one of the main drivers of electrosensitivity and other invented pseudo-diseases related to electromagnetism. A man who captured the attention of international media when, based on his imaginary pathology, he claimed his neighbor for $ 530,000 in damages and prejudices because “the fields generated by his iPhone were destroying his health.”

A list of tips that continues with recommendations such as: “use your mobile, electronic tablet or other wireless connections only when necessary” or “turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile while you sleep”. However, the culmination of the absurd comes with the last two tips that suggest that wireless mice or that having a mobile or laptop near the human body could be dangerous.

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