Valentine’s Night Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner, you surely don’t want to spoil it with the wrong foods. We offer you the decalogue of love … gastronomic.

For many couples, Valentine is a litmus test. A romantic beginning of your relationship in which any misstep can be a break up ahead of time. For others, it is a symbolic confirmation of their love over the years. For all those who celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner, nutrition expert Ata Pouramini has developed a simple food decalogue so that food does not spoil love. These are the foods you should avoid at all costs if you want your romantic evening to be a success:

celebrate Valentine s Day 10 Foods You Should Avoid Valentine s Night
celebrate Valentine s Day 10 Foods You Should Avoid Valentine s Night

No canned snacks to start. Sodium, present in many preserves, lowers testosterone. Try better with something fresh, healthier. Valentine may not be the best day to choose an Asian restaurant, since soy and tofu increase our estrogen levels, reducing sexual desire in men. And, you know, this love is a matter of two.

Junk food, either; No hamburgers or processed meat. Saturated fats inflate, produce what is popularly called “downturn”, detract from energy. They take away momentum, and therefore desire. Fiber increases our level of gas in the body. It causes swelling and those annoying noises in the stomach, uncomfortable if they make an appearance in the loving moment. Not to vegetable salads or vegetables that night.

To accompany, we ignore the fries, even if they are homemade. Something so innocent a priori and tasty will also cause bloating and gas. If they are industrial, the same lack of energy as any trans fat. Meals spiced with mint, some creams and salads directly lower blood testosterone levels. A small detail that can have a great impact.

And we get to drink. Of course, nothing to abuse alcohol. It is evident that the subsequent dream comes to the initial euphoria. And if not so much, problems of erection and less intensity of orgasm. Sweet, for another day, for the sugar that produces highs and lows of insulin and that can also make us sleepy at the moment we least want it.

Strawberries with chocolate, as the romantic ads show us, no. Fruits give gases. Chocolate, yes, since its potentiating effects on female estrogens are proven. Nothing from Gin Tonic, to end with a glass. Quinine is another testosterone reducer.

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