Chocolate And Almond Nougat With Olive Oil: Healthy Recipe For A Christmas Treat

Chocolate I like Christmas and I like Christmas candy. I am perfectly aware that they are not very healthy, but I also know that nothing happens to enjoy a little on the holidays. Now, it is worth to pamper yourself with a good quality product, and I have been preparing my own chocolate and almond nougat with olive oil for Christmas.

Chocolate And Almond Nougat With Olive Oil Healthy Recipe
Chocolate And Almond Nougat With Olive Oil Healthy Recipe

With only three ingredients we have a delicious alternative to commercial chocolate nougat, which we already know is the one with the most calories due to the large amount of sugars and fats. Our recipe is also caloric, but we look for the nutritional and gastronomic quality of the ingredients: good chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, almonds and a touch of extra virgin olive oil to soften the texture.

It is not necessary to buy a special mold for nougat, I manage with a brick of milk, vegetable drink or juice. You just have to cut it in half to have a kind of tray, scrub it and dry it very well, carefully. Normally nothing sticks, but it can be lightly greased with a little oil.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Chocolate And Almond Nougat With Olive Oil: Healthy Recipe For A Christmas Treat And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

Toast the almonds lightly in a pan without oil, stirring constantly, or use the oven at 180 ° C, a few minutes and watching carefully that they do not pass. Be careful, because they will go from being raw to very toasted in a matter of seconds. Let cool. They can be worn bare or with the skin.

Chop the fine chocolate, better using a good knife. Heat a water bath vessel, always without letting the water boil or touch the base of the top pan. Pour half of the chocolate, melt and add the rest. Keep on fire until it melts and is smooth and smooth.

Mix with the olive oil stirring with some rods, gently, until it is fully incorporated. We can take a pinch of salt if we want to give it an extra touch of flavor. Spread the almonds in the prepared mold and pour the chocolate on top, distributing it well homogeneous.

Take a few light strokes and shake gently so that it is distributed through the almond holes and possible air bubbles. Let cool to room temperature in a cool place until it solidifies completely, at least four hours. If the mold has slightly deformed, we can use adhesive tape to “tighten it” and leave the walls straight while solidifying. You just have to glue several strips over, from side to side, pressing the necessary.

Once cold and solid we can cut the chocolate and almond nougat with olive oil using a good sharp knife, in bars or portions. The amount of portions is indicative, like any nougat, although we always recommend enjoying these sweets calmly and on the most indicated occasions. It is typical of table tops and snacks, with a good coffee or tea to taste. It can be gift wrapped.

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