Unexposed Secret Of Do Not Leave The Pacifier: What Do I Do?

Choosing Do Not Leave The Pacifier Most children leave the pacifier and / or the thumb between two and three years. But what to do if your child is already five years old and does not leave him? Do not miss our advice!

The natural process of leaving the pacifier or abandoning the habit of putting your finger in the mouth occurs progressively, as the area of ​​the mouth loses its leading role. If it does not happen, it is not necessary to force the abandonment, since it must be gradual and not sudden. The refusal to give up the pacifier and / or the finger is the expression of a “desire to breastfeed” that the child satisfies naturally and should not be prevented.

Choosing Do Not Leave The Pacifier What Do I Do Is Simple
Choosing Do Not Leave The Pacifier What Do I Do Is Simple

You must respect the rhythms of the child, since prolonged use of the pacifier will not involve any psychological damage. Scolding, taking it off or using “strange preparations” to prevent the finger from sucking is totally counterproductive.

In general, pediatricians believe that if the child has not left the pacifier at five, he should be helped to abandon the habit. The option to make it disappear suddenly does not give good results, since the child becomes obsessed with recovering the precious lost object. We give you some more effective tips:

Shortcut For Do Not Leave The Pacifier: What Do I Do? That Gets Your Result In Record Time

Suggest keeping the pacifier in a small box and give it only at bedtime. Suggest that you give it to your teddy bear or some beloved stuffed animal. Grant him a bonus for a major in exchange for the pacifier, such as letting him answer the phone.

When he shows that he knows how to do without it, he performs a little ritual to confirm the abandonment: throw it in the trash can or give it to someone. If these tips do not work, experts advise being indifferent when the child sucks his finger or puts the pacifier in his mouth, hoping that he will spontaneously abandon it. There will come a time when, seeing that children your age do not, you will end up leaving it.

It is also advisable that you take your child to perform a dental check-up to verify that the habit of the pacifier has not caused damage to the growth of the teeth.

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