Kids Love Classic French Toast With Honey Syrup

Classic French Toast With Honey Syrup Promised that this is my last French toast recipe for this year. You will not say that I have given us options to make this typical sweet at Easter, so I think that with the four formulas I have given you it is more than enough. I finish with one of the most traditional preparations, the classic French toast with honey syrup, also known as Sevillian French toast, as this preparation is one of the most popular in Seville.

Classic French Toast With Honey Syrup Easter Recipe
Classic French Toast With Honey Syrup Easter Recipe

This recipe, as with the salted caramel glazed French toast, is for confectioners because although I leave the syrup very light and soft, it does not stop containing honey, so they are perfect for those who like pronounced flavors.

We start making the syrup by pouring the sugar, honey and brandy in a saucepan. We cook until the mixture turns a blond color, like caramel. We add the water carefully, since it can splash and burn us, we stir well and cook for 10 more minutes. We remove from the fire and reserve.

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In another saucepan, slowly heat the milk, which we will use to dip the French toast, along with the sugar, the lemon peel, the open vanilla pod and the cinnamon stick, until it boils. We turn off the heat, cover and let it infuse a little. Once it is almost cold we can use it and soak the French toast.

Heat abundant oil in a deep frying pan. We soak each slice of bread in milk on both sides, drain and pass through beaten egg. Fry until the French toast is golden on both sides.

Place on absorbent paper for a few minutes, cover and water with the honey syrup once it is cold. They are perfectly preserved until the next day if we cover them with silver foil, so we can do them in advance to organize ourselves better.

The French toast are usually served during these days as a dessert after the meal, although also in this case, the syrup and honey French toast are perfect for breakfast any day of Easter with a cup of tea, since they are very juicy and honestly start the day with one of them, don’t tell me it’s not blessed glory.

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