Configure and take advantage of the basic functions of your new Apple Watch

If you are the lucky ones who received or were given an Apple Watch Series in the past festivities, they are sure they are knowing the device and have been looking for how to activate and take advantage of the functionalities that the device brings.

Well, today in Applesfera we want to share some tips so you can configure your Apple Watch Series and start using it without losing any detail.
First, the Apple Watch stands out in four main areas that will have more or less weight for you, depending on your needs, these are:

Configure and take advantage of the basic functions of your new Apple Watch
Configure and take advantage of the basic functions of your new Apple Watch

Monitoring of your physical activity.
Management of your health
Remote communications: messages, telephone, music.

Let’s start talking about notifications. As you can imagine, Apple’s smart watch is a useful device for people to see the notifications they receive on their smartphone without having to take it out of their pocket.

You should keep in mind that if the iPhone is unlocked, you will receive notifications only on the phone, while if the device is locked or at rest, you will receive notifications on your Apple Watch, unless the Apple Watch is blocked with a code. A red icon appears on the cover when you receive a notification, and when notifications are discarded on the Apple Watch, they are also discarded on the iPhone.
In Applesfera To see all notifications, you must follow these steps:

Configure and take advantage of the basic functions of your new Apple Watch
Configure and take advantage of the basic functions of your new Apple Watch

Press and hold the top of the watch face. You can open the Notification Center from any screen.
Wait for the Notification Center to appear, and then slide your finger down.
To move, rotate the Digital Crown.
To read a notification, touch it. To read grouped notifications, touch a stack and then a notification.
To delete a notification, swipe left, and then touch.

Apple Watch notifications can be organized by app and can be grouped into stacks in the Notification Center. For example, all those that are related to activities may appear in a stack. You can also choose to get alerts when receiving notifications, either to appear silently or not to appear at all.
The second point to keep in mind is the monitoring of your physical activity. Being a smartwatch, users can have a detailed control over the physical activity they perform every day.

For the above there is an app called ‘Activity’, which provides a graphic description of our daily activity, letting us see three rings that give us the information of the movement (how many calories we have burned), the exercise (how many minutes of force activity we have done ), and the stop sign that shows the hours you stopped and walked for at least one minute.
You can check your progress of the day on Apple Watch by following these steps:

Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.
Swipe up to see details of each circle.
Objectives of Move, Exercise and Stand on the Apple Watch.
Swipe up to see more details, such as the total number of steps, distance and exercises.
To see your weekly summary, press the screen firmly and then touch Weekly Summary.

There is also a training app that shows users the statistics in real time for cardio workouts, such as time, distance, calories and rhythm, allowing users to set goals for each training, and invites us to meet or exceed those goals.
In the case of the Apple Watch Series 4, the Cupertino firm launched some interesting news for those users who want to take advantage of their device for these purposes. For example, we have the detection of falls, combined with the warning to the emergency services, as well as the electrocardiogram to measure the heart rate.
Of course, another of the basic functions of Apple Watch has to do with remote communications, because just devices like the Series 4 allow answering (and making) phone calls, without having to take the iPhone out of pocket.

The above means that we can use the built-in speaker and microphone for quick answers, or transfer calls to the iPhone for long conversations. In addition, with the Apple Watch Series 4 we can transfer our calls to the handsfree of our car or the Bluetooth headset without any problem.

In the same way, it is possible to listen to streaming music with Apple Music or catch up on your podcasts.

So you know, these are just the basic functions with which you can take great advantage of your new Apple Watch, so we recommend you spend a good time with your new wearable to explore and find all the tricks you can imagine.

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