Do not tell stories: the 30 are not the new 20

We are too relaxed.”Relaxed you”, you will tell me. “I have a thousand things to do”, you will add. Me too, believe me,stories and I can not cope. I’m stressed. But, at the same time, I lose a lot of time.The human being is an exaggerated being. And each time more. We have no middle ground. If they talk about “slow life”, we try to relax completely and we miss many things. When we are given by ambitions, we have no more life than the fulfillment of our objectives.


We spent busy days, nervous, missing hours. But at the same time, however impossible it may seem, we waste too much time.A week ago I came across this talk by an American psychologist Meg Jay. The talk is entitled “The thirty are not the new twenty.” So, a priori, it sounds depressing. Now that we thought we are younger than ever, that woman comes and tells us no: that the thirty are the thirty and the twenty will never come back.

I summarize a bit the content of his speech (but I advise you to watch the whole video). Meg Jay tells us that people, up to thirty, take life very lightly. We waste our time, because “we still have our whole life ahead of us”. We have love rolls that do not give us anything because “we’ll have time to go seriously with someone”. We accept chorras jobs because “there are still many years to make the race, now we have to live”. And so we reach thirty: without any baggage, no work experience, without having chosen well the person with whom we want to share the rest of our days.

I’m going to make a small point: it shows that Meg Jay is American, because she assumes that at twenty we can all start to build a career and at thirty we should all walk towards the altar. That part to me, personally, squeaked me a little. “If I lived in Spain, another rooster would sing,” I thought.

most interesting stories
most interesting stories

However, he is quite right in something: we hang up. When we are in our twenties, it seems to us that life will last an eternity. But the truth is that the older you get, the faster the days go by. I am 35, and four days ago I was thirty.

As I listened to her, I came downstairs. It is not easy to assimilate that, perhaps, I have wasted a part of my life. More difficult is to decide what I want to do with the part of life that I have left. Sometimes I see myself as a young girl, but then I get on the bus and a ten-year-old boy calls me ma’am. And I do not give credit.

But it does not propose us to live in a continuous stress and to value if we have achieved something or not yet. It teaches us to appreciate our time, to live it fully, to meet our goals, not to waste our time working in places that do not contribute anything or dating a person who does not convince us.

The time … People do not give it the value it deserves. Nor do we respect the time of others. We feel uncomfortable asking for money, but time … We ask for time as if nothing. And we give our partners time while they decide what they feel. Go for God

We do not have time to give away. Nobody has time to give away. Nobody, in their right mind, is going to ask you for time to decide if they want you or not. Decide while you watch a movie on the couch. Decide while you go running in the morning. Decide while you party with your friends or while traveling alone. Decide while you sleep. But do not be so selfish to communicate your decision to manage your time as if it were yours.

No one should waste their life, just as they should not fear old age. It’s about knowing how to value your time, but at the same time know how to slow it down, stretch it, feel it and taste it. Feel it The term “slow life” has nothing to do with being lazy. It has to do with being aware of every minute of your life.But meanwhile, as Meg says, it also has to do with not leaving things for tomorrow.

The thirty are not the new twenty (and thank goodness), are the pre-forty, pre-fifty and pre-sixty. Your whole life depends on the decisions you make now and how you spend your time today. What do you do? To the why of the decision.

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