Eat N Park Review

Eat N Park Kids have been spending a lot of time at Eat N Park lately. These kids are among the busiest in our country. Yet the person doing the programming is at ease. Someone who works with kids all day and loves them.

Eat N Park 8 Minutes A Day To Grow Your Business
Eat N Park 8 Minutes A Day To Grow Your Business

That’s what I saw when I visited Eat N Park earlier this year. It was a summer day and it had rained during the day. They had an ice skating rink on one side of the building and a zip line and the slides themselves were wrapped in twinkle lights.

Kids were playing in the tunnels under the play area. They had some of the best friends I’ve ever seen in their little zip lines and skates. They were of different ages and it was just so neat to see. So I asked if they could put a stopwatch on the boat and see who got to the end first.

Nothing To See Here. Just A Bunch Of Us Agreeing A 8 Basic Eat N Park Rules

The naysayer said it was “too expensive.” But I think we can all agree that it was very cool. A new family member, an old friend, and a bunch of kids having fun at a vacation park.

This park has a huge selection of machines and not just skateboards. They also have a ton of equipment for fishing and water skiing enthusiasts. I saw a fishing reel and a slide.

Eat N Park really is a big hit with the family and the party crowd. Everyone is welcome. They even do karaoke!

My son really liked it. He likes everything, but the zip line and slide are his favorites. The really fun thing about Eat N Park is the changeable times of the day.

The Z-line and slide are open all the time. But they have a junior curve at noon. We had the time to come and sit outside on the grass and enjoy the view.

There are also benches and tables where you can eat, eat some more. They have indoor restaurants as well. Everything looks great, but no one said they look like you could be eating outside for a day.

At times, when it’s rainy, they will close the area. So all the children can come inside. But, they will still serve the food until the weather clears up. I’d like to sit outside at Eat N Park, but for me, that’s not the case.

The adults are in heaven. The only downside is there is no real restroom. There is a small coin-operated bathroom in the back of the building. For a nice seat, I think they charge five dollars.

The price is great for this type of park. Don’t pass it up. You will have fun, and it’s a kid and adult-friendly.

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