Time Of ‘Ecommerce’ In Neighborhood Stores The Right Way!

Ecommerce The Covid-19 crisis opens the doors to internet sales among local commerce. Mi Electro, which groups nearly 400 electrical and technology stores throughout Spain, invoices 100 million annually with its omnichannel format.

Ecommerce In Neighborhood Stores Like A Pro With The Help
Ecommerce In Neighborhood Stores Like A Pro With The Help

Since March 16, more than 250,000 neighborhood stores have temporarily lowered the blind in Spain due to the Covid-19 crisis. Only food shops, pharmacies and kiosks can maintain their activity facing the public.

An unforeseen situation for department stores and shopping malls, but it also means a very important slowdown in the income account of small businesses, lifelong ones, such as electrical appliance stores.

After overcoming the crisis of 2008, in which sales fell by 50%, according to the report by the employers Anfel, this branch of the retail sector was facing 2020 uploaded to the latest promotional trends in the market. With campaigns like Black Friday, stores have wanted to face multinationals and giants like Amazon, among others.

Small Changes That Will Have A Huge Impact On Your The Time Of ‘Ecommerce’ In Neighborhood Stores

Now the small business must accelerate its digital transformation. Overnight, the only option available to generate new income is focused on online sales. The time has come for you to bet heavily on e-commerce to serve your usual customers and also the new generations who are used to making purchases from your computer or mobile phone.

One of the example cases in this commercial segment prepared to face the current economic crisis is the company Mi Electro. Since 2017, the chain of household appliances and electronics groups more than 400 stores throughout Spain, billing 100 million euros between its physical store format and online sales.

Mi Electro, belonging to the Valencian group Eldisser, with more than 50 years of experience dedicating itself to the distribution of household appliances and sale to individuals, reinforces the strengths of traditional stores (customer experience, proximity to your home and proximity service) with maximum efficiency in internet sales.

To do this, the home appliance chain is committed to serving its products within 24 hours from the time of purchase on its online channel. This is how the Mi Electro store closest to the home is used to deliver the household appliances to each house. This team of professionals install it, explain its operation and also take the model to be removed for its corresponding recycling process.

From each online sale, the neighborhood store takes a significant percentage of the sales margin plus the total cost of the services it provides to the customer (transport, installation, tuning, …).

“The Mi Electro project was founded to support local commerce. We offer you tools to defend yourself in the market with your own stores, but also on the Internet thanks to our omnichannel model that involves them in 100% online processes” , highlights the CEO of Mi Electro, Pascual Martí Pons.

With this strategy, the commercial firm manages to provide a premium service to the client, which allows them to have a lot of control over the service offered and adds much more than the basic product delivery service.

“We address any person and target, since we understand that everyone consumes and needs household appliances and consumer electronics. From families to young people. If we talk about niche markets, we also cover all types: techies, athletes, moviegoers, foodies … It is important to note that we believe in and focus on a client who has a certain social conscience, and who values ​​that we not only provide a competitive price. The purchase goes far beyond a transaction. We must give a benefit to the store so that the customer receives a premium, personalized and more humane service, “adds Mi Electro’s Head of Digital, Álvaro López Izquierdo.

For the next few years, Mi Electro is working on the expansion of the network of associated stores throughout the country. Always supported by its ecommerce network as one of the key points in its commercial service.

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