Cloud Eggs: Ideal Healthy Recipe For Keto Diet Is

Eggs Cloud Or Cloud Eggs If you are on a ketogenic diet or are looking for an easy, fast and satisfying recipe, we recommend you try this option of  ideal for a keto meal or a light dinner.

Eggs Cloud Or Cloud Eggs Ideal Healthy Recipe
Eggs Cloud Or Cloud Eggs Ideal Healthy Recipe

For 2 persons

Eggs 4
Salt (optional)
Extra virgin olive oil
Chives or herbs strawberries to taste

Tips About Eggs Cloud Or Cloud Eggs: Ideal Healthy Recipe For Keto Diet You Can’t Afford To Miss

Difficulty: easy

Total time 20 m
Preparation 5 m
Cooking 15 m

To make these new cloud or cloud eggs we only have to dispose of the fresh eggs and start separating yolks from whites.

The whites all together we beat them to the point of snow, they must be well assembled, firm so that we can assemble the structure in a nest on a baking sheet.

At this time we can add a pinch of salt to the mounted whites if we wish and with the help of a spoon we form mounds with a space in the middle, on a baking sheet previously oiled with extra virgin olive oil.

In the hole made with the spoon we place a yolk in each mound (it will be one per egg) and we take it to a strong oven (240 ° C) for about 15 minutes, although it may be less if the oven is preheated. When removing from the oven we add pepper, fresh herbs, chopped chives or whatever we like.

Cloud eggs are a preparation full of quality proteins, satiating but light. It is recommended to accompany them with a fresh vegetable salad for a light dinner although we can choose a guacamole or grilled meat if we have a keto diet.

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