What Makes Fairy Cake Recipe That Different

Fairy Cake Recipe Making fairy cakes with children is very simple and fun. Here is my recipe for simple vanilla cupcakes and two different types of frosting.

Fairy Cake Recipe That The Experts Don t Want You To Know
Fairy Cake Recipe That The Experts Don t Want You To Know

Today is my birthday and so the guys decided they wanted to bake me a cake (I know I probably shouldn’t be posting recipes on my birthday, but we celebrated yesterday so I think that’s fine. After some discussion they decided it would be a lot of fun to make a selection cupcakes.

They’re all made from a simple all-in-one vanilla pancake (recipe below) to which they either added chocolate chips, sultanas, or kept simple. Then they made buttercream frosting, melted milk chocolate frosting, and topped them off with a selection of different sprinkles.

The oldest of my nephews was in charge of making the muffins with a little help from my sister and my only job was to run the camera from one place to another to have some nice snapshots.

The good thing about making cupcakes with children is that they can get very involved. The cake mix is ​​an all-in-one, so they just poured all the ingredients into a bowl and mixed them together. They needed a little help to measure the ingredients, to break the eggs (without having to remove bits of peel from the cake) and to make sure that the mixture was good, but they can really feel that it was they who made it!

My hand would sneak in from time to time to help them, but it was mostly their own job. I love the look of concentration on their faces when they are moving the mixture and the happiness of putting the mixture in the cupcake cases with the help of my sister. It was lovely to see them enjoying baking together.

They decided to make a selection of different cakes by dividing the mixture into three, keeping a few simple, adding pieces of chocolate to one (1 teaspoon per cake) and adding sultanas to the other (1 teaspoon per cake).

They then covered the chocolate cakes with melted milk chocolate chips and splatters, the sultanas with a frosting (recipe below) and a cherry or sprinkles and the simple ones were turned into cakes topped with buttercream (recipe below) and mini marshmallows .

If you want your little ones to be as involved in the making of the frosting as they were with the cakes, then I recommend making a frosting, as it is simply a matter of mixing the ingredients. The butter cream needs to beat (preferably with an electric mixer) and the chocolate needs to melt on the stove (in a glass bowl over boiling water), so both require the participation of an adult.

Watch Them Completely Ignoring Fairy Cake Recipe And Learn The Lesson

Fairy Cakes

Fairy Cakes are nothing more than simple vanilla cupcakes decorated with two different types of frosting.

(12 muffins come out)

For the vanilla cupcakes

175 g unsalted butter (at room temperature)
175 gr. wheat flour
175 g powdered sugar
3 large eggs
½ teaspoon of baking powder
½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
12 cupcake molds

For the butter cream

100 g unsalted butter (at room temperature)
200 g icing sugar

For the frosting

125 g icing sugar
1 tablespoon of lukewarm water
A few drops of vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 180 ° C / 160 ° C.
Put all the ingredients in a deep bowl (175 g of butter at room temperature, 175 g of wheat flour, 175 g of powdered sugar, 3 eggs, ½ teaspoon of baking powder, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract) and beat until fully combined and smooth.
Evenly divide the mixture between the muffin cups.
Bake for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes insert a skewer and if it comes out clean then they are done. If not, bake them for a couple more minutes.
Let cool on a wire rack.

To make the butter cream

Whisk the butter (100 g) until light and fluffy (preferably use an electric mixer, but it can be done by hand).
Sift the icing sugar (200 g) and add to the butter, beating until mixed.
Add a few drops of vanilla extract and beat to combine.
The frosting should be smooth but not overly so. If it is a little hard, gradually mix in the milk (up to 1 tablespoon) until it has the necessary consistency.

Sift the icing sugar (125 g) into a bowl.
Gradually add warm water (1 tablespoon) and mix until combined.
The frosting should be dripping enough to spread over the cakes. If it is too stiff, add a little more water, if it is too loose, add a little more icing sugar.
Add a couple of drops of vanilla extract and stir again to combine.


For the two types of icing I have given the necessary measures to cover the 12 muffins. If you want to make a selection of different types of glaze, simply reduce the amounts for each type.



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