Triple Your Results At All About Mobile Photography (3): The Macro In Half The Time

Favorite All About Mobile Photography We will close for the moment our review of the types of lenses that we find in the mobile ecosystem with the latest to arrive. We started talking about the wide-angle, the lenses of the main cameras of mobile phones and now also the super-wide-angle lenses in multiple systems. We continue with the telephoto lenses, responsible for offering fixed and mobile optical zoom on phones, and now we go with the macro lenses.

Favorite All About Mobile Photography (3) The Macro Resources For 7
Favorite All About Mobile Photography (3) The Macro Resources For 7

They are the last to arrive and certainly have little time between us. The person responsible for putting them on a mobile phone for the first time was Huawei but now, in addition to other phones of the Chinese firm, we have seen them far from their brand. As in the Motorola One Macro of its Lenovo compatriots, such as the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 or as the Honor 20 Pro of the brothers of Huawei. Let’s see exactly what they are.

“Macro” means large, and is the name designated for this type of lens, and ultimately also of the photographic style, because what is done is to expand the subject to be photographed. But with an important detail to keep in mind, we are not only talking about optical zoom but also a very narrow focus distance. Very, very small.

So with the macro lenses we would talk about telephoto lenses but with a very specific function: photograph very small or larger objects but from a distance very close to the lens. Because these are telephoto lenses with such a close focus, manufacturers now play with very small sensors, almost all of 2 megapixels, so that they can adapt both the focal length and the focal length to achieve their purposes.

When Professionals Run Into Problems With All About Mobile Photography (3): The Macro, This Is What They Do

Among the examples we see now in the market are the aforementioned, both the Motorola One Macro and the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, or the Honor 20 Pro. The first was the Huawei Nova 5, in the month of June this year, although his whole family opted for this 2 megapixel lens with macro lens that promised to focus objects just 2 centimeters away.

The record of minimum focus distance is for now the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, with a distance of 1.5 centimeters to the focused object and offering five magnifications. Although this photograph should be studied well because the super wide-angle lens of the Mi Note 10 could intervene in these captures. However, we memorize the concepts: optical zoom and very narrow focus distance.

The uses of a macro lens seem quite clear, once we know what this type of photography consists of and how it works. In the photographic world these objectives are usually pulled to photograph textures or details of nature such as leaf nerves and flower interiors. The zoom offered by macro lenses lends itself to capturing more complex details for other types of lenses.

Although probably the most successful type of photographs in this field is the insect photographs. Having the opportunity to photograph the face of an insect with the detail of a macro lens is always a delight. And now mobile phones can do it.

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