Supplements Do Not Prevent, Treat, Or Cure Coronavirus Infection

Food Supplements Following the existing fear of the current COVID-19 pandemic, dozens of pseudo-solutions and treatments have emerged that promise miracles. Among them there are a series of products that are included within food supplements.

Food Supplements Treat Or Cure Coronavirus Infection Skills
Food Supplements Treat Or Cure Coronavirus Infection Skills

But remember that, currently, there are no established treatments that can cure the virus. At the moment, work is being done to stabilize the situation of each patient. Various vaccines are also in development, some of which are almost ready to prevent the virus. But no, there is no “supermarket” remedy capable of treating or preventing coronavirus.

Recently, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) warned of the commercialization of food supplements that supposedly prevent, treat or cure COVID-19. The intention of AESAN is to warn of the uselessness of these products and the supposed properties attributed to them, since disinformation could contravene the health of consumers.

And why food supplements? This is not because they are accessories in themselves, but because in order to be marketed they must be notified in a category, which is that of accessories, in this case. Thus, many other supplements that try to fulfill the function of drugs, in fact, are also classified within this category, as is the case with homeopathy in Spain.

This is only due to an administrative matter, and not a qualitative one. Some of these alleged solutions, in fact, cannot even be classified within food supplements, as is the case with MMS, although they are sold under various commercial groups.

There are an endless number of remedies shared through social networks, especially through WhatsApp, that claim to end the virus. Among these we find remedies normally associated with flu and colds, such as eucalyptus, mint, citrus juice, vitamin C or vitamin D3 supplements.

When Food Supplements Do Not Prevent, Treat, Or Cure Coronavirus Infection Means More Than Money

Functional foods such as prebiotics and probiotics do not work either, although they have been discussed. Of course, no commercial herb and plant product is an effective response against the virus. In addition to food supplements, keep in mind that home remedies do not work either.

Neither to gargle with lukewarm water, nor to drink alcohol, nor to take garlic and lemon, and any chemical or pharmaceutical product without medical supervision will be able to help us to eliminate the virus and its consequences. The only thing we can do is attend to the relevant authorities, keep us in preventive quarantine, to avoid infecting more people, and wait while the medicines are finished developing.

According to AESAN, food supplements are food products consisting of concentrated sources of nutrients that are presented in order to complement the intake of such nutrients in the normal diet. Of course, food supplements have no medicinal properties to use and are not considered drugs.

There is a wide range of nutrients and other elements that can be present in food supplements including, among others, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, various plants and herbal extracts.

We insist, among these substances, in no case are the active components of a drug with therapeutic properties. Therefore, and as we saw, no food supplement, for the moment, has been shown to be effective in eliminating the virus once in the human body, nor in combating COVID-19.

Unfortunately, we still do not have a solution to eliminate the virus that causes COVID-19. At the moment, we have only managed to develop some vaccines that are still in the process of being implemented. Almost all the treatments that are applied in the case of coronavirus are intended to alleviate the symptoms and remit the complications caused by the virus.

No, none of these food supplements that ensure wonders to stop and control the virus are effective, as has been observed and supports the lack of scientific evidence. Not only at the level of lack of studies, which is currently the general case, more or less.

There are also missing proposed mechanisms or any other type of information that gives us to understand how these supplements could work when it comes to fighting the virus. Instead, these products are based on misrepresenting claims, using different technicalities improperly, and taking advantage of the fear and ignorance surrounding the disease.

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