Vitamin D And Healthy Recipes To Include In Your Diet?

Foods Rich In Vitamin D is the vitamin of the sun, since it is synthesized in our body thanks to solar radiation. But in winter, when exposure to sunlight is reduced, or when we cannot leave the house (as is the case), we can only obtain this nutrient through diet, therefore, we show you the top 5 foods rich in vitamin D.

Foods Rich In Vitamin D And Healthy Recipes To Include In Your Diet
Foods Rich In Vitamin D And Healthy Recipes To Include In Your Diet

Vitamin D has always been associated with calcium, since this improves the absorption of the mineral and thus is essential for the health of bones and teeth. However, it also fulfills other important functions such as intervening in the body’s metabolism, reinforcing the defense system and helping us prevent infections as well as other non-communicable diseases such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes.

For all this, we cannot allow vitamin D to be lacking in our daily diet, which we need in proportions of between 400 and 600 IU daily or between 10 and 15 ug. To achieve this quota, we can go to the following foods:

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It is not a very pleasant oil but a concentrated source of vitamin D, since for every 100 grams it provides around 200 ug, which implies that a single tablespoon can provide us with the daily amount of this nutrient. We can consume it in isolation as a supplement or, add it to a salad as a dressing or use it together with a dish with fish in which its intense flavor will not be so invasive.

It is a blue or fatty fish and as such, it is rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D. Within fish it is one of the alternatives with the highest concentrations of this nutrient, reaching 27 ug per 100 grams. We must consider that vitamin D can be lost if we cook the fish in a fatty medium or at a very high temperature, so we recommend preparing, for example, a salad with herring or soup that does not require very long cooking or at high temperatures.

Conger eel is another fish with the most vitamin D, since it exceeds 20 ug per 100 grams and it is not a very popular specimen, so although it may be difficult to obtain it, its price will not be very high since its demand does not is high. With conger eel we can make stews, stir-fries, salads and many more dishes just like any other fish.

Salmon by itself offers vitamin D but a better source of this nutrient is smoked salmon, which is around 19 ug per 100 grams. Although we should not abuse smoked, we can use it as a quick and practical option to add vitamin D to the diet, for example, adding this ingredient to an appetizer, a stir fry or a tasty pasta sauce.

The egg as such is a good source of vitamin D, but this nutrient is concentrated above all in the yolk, which is the fat portion of it, so for every 100 grams of egg yolk (approximately 4 units) we obtain little more than 5 ug of vitamin D, an appreciable amount that we can incorporate into various dishes such as an omelette, a frittata, a hamburger, a scramble or a complete breakfast. You know, if you want to get vitamin D with food, these are the most recommended options because they are concentrated in this nutrient that can offer so many benefits.

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