Top Google Offers Hundreds Of Free Movies Secrets

Google Offers Play, the download application for Android phones, incorporates the support to offer “hundreds of movies” at no cost in exchange for introducing ads

Google Offers Hundreds Of Free Movies Just Released
Google Offers Hundreds Of Free Movies Just Released

Human boredom can take its toll on the morale of the millions of people confined during the global crisis caused by the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan. The fact of having to go days and days without leaving home now adds to the boredom of accumulated days.

A situation in which some people turn to video games or streaming video services such as the premieres of Netflix or HBO. Platforms that are now added by Google itself and that, unlike the previous ones, will offer the content for free.

Google Play, the Google application that allows you to download other applications on Android mobiles, has incorporated technical support to offer “hundreds of movies” on devices with the Android system.

As if it were traditional television, the films will have no cost for users, but in exchange, the platform will include advertisements.

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A novelty is already present in the latest beta of the Google Play application for Android, in its version 4.18.37, as they have warned from XDA Developers.

The discovery has arrived thanks to the inspection of its experts of the new lines of code added by the Internet giant.

Until now, the movies and series section of Google Play only supported the separate purchase of content, as if it were a store or a traditional video club. However, with this new feature, users can also enjoy hundreds of hours of productions for free.

The feature will not be fully operational until the beta (trial) version becomes final. According to XDA developers, it will include “hundreds of movies with just a few ads.”

This new feature offered by Goolge already exists in the YouTube movies section, where free content with ads is offered. However, the functionality currently present on YouTube has a regional character and is not available outside the United States, unlike what will happen with this new feature.


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