Random Grapefruit And Shrimp Salad: Healthy Recipe With An Asian Touch Tip

Grapefruit And Shrimp Salad In full citrus season it is worth taking advantage of the variety of these fruits to enrich our dishes. In this grapefruit and shrimp salad we play with the bitter freshness of the first to enhance the marine flavor of the latter, all seasoned with an Asian touch.

Grapefruit And Shrimp Salad Healthy Recipe With An Asian
Grapefruit And Shrimp Salad Healthy Recipe With An Asian

Proving that not all salads have to carry tomatoes and lettuce, as a green bed we have used watercress, a plant that in the Canary Islands is cooked in a traditional stew, but that can also be taken raw and thus take much better advantage of its properties. It can be replaced by arugula, canons, spinach sprouts, or whatever we like.

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We can use prawns or prawns raw, cooked or frozen. In any case, start peeling and reserve Remove the grapefruit segments by peeling it lively, without any white part or internal skin, as explained here. Chop the green onion into thin slices. Heat a little oil in a pan and sauté the prawns with a little salt and granulated garlic, until they are ready, making sure they do not pass. Remove. We could also grill them first and then peel them to taste.

Beat the oyster sauce (Asian specialty, you can substitute soy sauce) with water, juice and lime zest, chili to taste and a little oil, until dressing. Pour a little on the cooked prawns. Mount the salad by placing a base of watercress or another green leaf (arugula, canons, spinach …). Spread the grapefruit, the scallions and the prawns. Top with roasted sesame, chopped fresh cilantro and the rest of the dressing to taste.

This salad is simple but it gives us good nutrients with quality proteins thanks to the prawns, so it can be a generous first course or a light dinner that can be combined with a vegetable cream, if we also want to drink something hot. Some people prefer to avoid citrus fruits at night because they may not sit well before going to bed, although it is therefore recommended not to eat too late.

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