Rules About Health And Safety At Work Act

health and safety at work act The challenge of the Social Security System through Occupational Health and Safety Policies is to prevent, diminishing or eliminating the sources of occupational risks and provide protection in all situations that may break the physical, mental and / or social balance of a worker.

Health And Safety At Work Act Fundamentals Explained
Health And Safety At Work Act Fundamentals Explained

Until now, Occupational Safety has focused on preventing and protecting workers from accidents or illnesses at work. For this, various essential legal mechanisms have been generated for their protection, such as the Regulation on Basic Sanitary and Environmental Conditions in Places. of Labor, the Certification of quality of elements of personal protection against occupational risks and the Compulsory Social Security against Accidents at Work and Professional Diseases, Law 16,744, in force until today.

Initiatives in occupational health and safety are aimed at improving the quality of life and human dignity in the workplace, the adherence of the Chilean State to various international treaties is of great value (more information on agreements) , which promote the recognition of fundamental human rights.

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Work is constituted as an inalienable right of people, along with the right to develop a safe job, today focuses the guidelines on eliminating or significantly reducing the sources of risks that are present in all work activity, so it is important to identify where they are.

Risks: They are the assessment of the dangers present in the workplace, they can be found in safety conditions, in the environment where the work is carried out, in the presence of chemical, physical or biological contaminants, in the form of organization or in the way how the task is carried out day by day, among others.

Once hazards are identified, their risks are assessed, then steps are taken to eliminate or mitigate the risks. Anticipating to make them minimal, that is, you must Prevent.

Law 16,744 on Occupational Accidents and Diseases and its auxiliary decrees,
The Labor Code (articles 184 and following)
The Health Code Book III: “On Hygiene and Safety of the Environment and Workplaces” and
Other particular legal texts, given that some employing entities are subject to special legislation and control due to their activity.

To perform a safe job, it is necessary to consider having information, training, and measures to ensure that the aspects involved are addressed, such as the tools used, the machines being operated, ergonomic conditions, and environmental or chemical pollutants.

The objective: It is to prevent and protect the occurrence of an accident at work, commuting or an occupational disease to the workers who carry out their work, either as a dependent (with an employment contract) or independently (honorary or self-employed). own).

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