Health Minister Uk leads

Health Minister Uk With the tests carried out today, the white process of this process that started in the compound three weeks ago ends, where 133 officials from the Intensive Care Unit and 78 from Neonatology have already been tested.

Health Minister Uk leads antibody testing of Health officials at
Health Minister Uk leads antibody testing of Health officials at

Officials of the Medicine and Geriatrics Units of the El Carmen de Maipú Hospital today underwent rapid tests for antibodies against the Coronavirus, within the framework of the pilot experiences that are being applied to health personnel who are exposed daily to care for patients with COVID -19.

It is a measure that is part of the Coronavirus Plan that is intended for health professionals, for the prison population and Gendarmerie, as well as homes for the elderly.

The Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, explained this type of exams are being validated by the Institute of Public Health, with a study of around 400 samples and that the result has been favorable, since they have demonstrated that 80% have the capacity to identify those who have antibodies, which in the opinion of the authority, is a good number to test the population.

The way to apply this test is simple: a drop of blood is enough in the device, similar to the one used for HIV, and its result can take only 15 minutes.

The authority indicated that “what this device does is detect in a blood sample whether the person has recent or old antibodies against the coronavirus.”

In the case of health officials, it is proposed that the antibody test be performed every 15 days on personnel who perform in high-risk units.

With the tests carried out today at the El Carmen de Maipú Hospital, the white process of this process started three weeks ago was terminated, where 133 officials from the Intensive Care Unit and 78 from Neonatology have already been tested.

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The director of the care facility, Dr. Juan Kehr, stated that this initiative was carried out with the aim of knowing the level of asymptomatic contagion registered in the care facility, starting with the Intensive Care Unit, where they have 15 patients with COVID-19.

“We are going to continue checking, today is the Medicine Unit, and practically the entire hospital, because the idea is to know exactly the levels of asymptomatic infections that our officials have,” he said.

Cristina Soto, Chief Nurse of the El Carmen Hospital, explained that the testing has shown a low rate of infections among officials and that these have been basically asymptomatic, which means that the protection measures being monitored have helped prevent infections. between them and towards patients. Regarding the officials tested, he noted that it has been applied to “over two hundred, between the Intensive Care Unit and Neonatology, and with them, there is a percentage of approximately 2% that tested positive for IgG and IgM”.

One of the officials who took the test today – which came out negative – was María Teresa Chartier, a nurse from the Medicine Unit, who said she had close contact with an official who tested positive for the disease. “All the officials we had contact with at that time rejoined. Now I just did the quick test and it came out negative, which means that I did not get it, despite having close contact. ”

Unlike the PCR test, which properly detects the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, the serological test known as the rapid test, detects the immune response, that is, the antibodies that our body produces to defend itself against infection. produced by this pathogen.

These antibodies, called IgM (immunoglobulin M) and IgG (immunoglobulin G), bind to the virus to deactivate or eliminate it.

The presence of antibodies (IgG / IgM) in the blood against SARS-CoV-2 can be considered as confirmation that a person was infected with the virus.

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