Healthy Diet Tips | Coronavirus lockdown: 8 tips to

Healthy Diet Tips an important role to strengthen our immune system and improve our muscle tone. In these days of confinement, eating healthy is essential. Here are six gold tips!

Healthy Diet Tips Coronavirus lockdown 8 tips to
Healthy Diet Tips Coronavirus lockdown 8 tips to

In the period of quarantine forced by the Coronavirus health crisis, both adults and children must keep fit, also through food. In fact, between Coronavirus and food there is a close relationship. A kitchen based on healthy ingredients helps to strengthen the body and, together with physical activity, allows us to be strong to fight the virus. Here are six great healthy eating tips. The first rule is to shop consciously. At home, there should always be seasonal fruit and vegetables, if possible, fresh. Vegetables contain minerals, vitamins and micronutrients, which are essential for strengthening the immune system.

In addition, the shopping list should not lack whole grains, fish, eggs, white meats (chicken and fish), quality dairy products (yogurt, panela cheese, etc.). They are essential ingredients so that, throughout the week, you can always have a complete meal. Specialists advise making a shopping list, writing the menu of the week with the children and making the purchase based on that menu.

Another useful tip is to rely on new recipes, asking for the collaboration of the children of the house. You can work with ingredients that are not usually used, or that have never been used, and make different combinations, also using spices.Any dish that may arouse your curiosity goes well. Let’s experiment with new salty or sweet recipes that can whet your appetite and provide the necessary nutrients.

To ensure a good diet, capable of supporting the body in a delicate period, it is advisable to bet on a good breakfast, which should be enjoyed without haste. To make it more attractive, for example, we can start with omelets, as if we were on vacation. Another fundamental point has to do with hydration. You need to drink a lot, and not just water, but also juices and smoothies made at home. The blender is the ideal instrument, because it works at a lower speed and extracts less fiber.

Many different fruits and vegetables can be mixed to obtain the benefits of all of them, as well as the good sugars of the fruit and the benefits of water, which is present in greater quantities in vegetables. The blender can be used to prepare cupcake recipes and savory recipes like meatballs with vegetables.

For the coronavirus and diet equation to work, there is one element that should never be missing from your plate: protein. It is important that they are always combined with carbohydrates, which help balance the peaks of glycemia and provide a greater feeling of satiety.

Thus, snacks and industrial pastries are avoided between meals.

Proteins are also very important in breakfast, for example, eggs. Instead, dairy should not be taken more than a couple of days a week. For a change, a portion of homemade bread is also good, enriched with a spreadable cream of hazelnuts or almonds, or with non-industrial peanut butter. As for main meals, preference should be given to chicken breast, and fish, which should be eaten often, while red meat should only be eaten once a week.

Nourishing the body with quality also means eating consciously. How?: Avoiding having the television on while we are at the table and making lunch and dinner moments to share with our own. In this way, we can focus on chewing. At the immune level, chewing little is harmful, since low-grade inflammations can be generated, which in the long term can lead to intolerances and digestive problems.We opt for conscious eating, eating calmly and paying attention to what we take to mouth. On the contrary, let’s avoid emotional eating, that is, eating to overcome emotional discomfort, a compensation mechanism that damages our health.

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