New Healthy Eating If You Are Quarantined By Coronavirus

Healthy Eating During these coronavirus quarantine days, it is extremely important that we take maximum care of our diet. It is very easy to fall into the consumption of unhealthy foods, whether due to stress, anxiety or pure boredom in confinement.

Healthy Eating If You Are Quarantined By Coronavirus
Healthy Eating If You Are Quarantined By Coronavirus

Organizing what we have to eat every day is one of the best ways not to get out of the script and fall into the consumption of unhealthy food. In addition, this will help to avoid food waste, a problem that we are experiencing derived from the massive purchases in supermarkets of provisions. Also, if we plan our menu, we will be helping to avoid collapses in supermarkets, since we will only go for the food we need.

To eat healthy we can use a very visual and easily understandable model: “The Healthy Eating Plate”, from Harvard University. Thanks to this tool, we can plan our menu weekly or even biweekly with a wide variety of foods and combinations. If you are looking for healthy ideas resources, you can take a look at this wide selection of healthy recipes that we recommend.

These days it is much easier to fall into the temptation of ultra-processed, those foods that have poor nutritional quality and high caloric density. Therefore, it is key to control the impulses that bring us closer to their continuous consumption if we want to stay in good health.

An infallible strategy for not eating unhealthy products is not buying them. It may seem obvious – in fact, it is – but if the ultraprocessed ones do not enter the house, it will be impossible for us to eat them and thus contribute to worsening our diet.

The sizes of the servings we use are usually different, as they vary according to the user’s preferences. In addition, the rations used in each household are closely related to certain influences acquired in relation to cultural and family issues.

However, now more than ever it is convenient to control the amount of food we eat. In this way, we will decrease the number of total calories in the diet and we will help to avoid weight gain that is also inevitably related to low physical activity during these days.

Controlling the size of the portions does not have to be synonymous with starvation, since if we increase the total amount of vegetables in our dishes – be it fruit, vegetables, vegetables or legumes – we will be able to increase satiety and gastric filling, limiting in this way our appetite.

However, this question is quite subjective since not all foods satisfy each person in the same way. Still, increasing vegetable consumption is a very useful resource that will also limit the intake of other less interesting products from a nutritional point of view.

As for dessert, we must prioritize the consumption of fresh fruit over sugary sweets and dairy products, chocolate, and other products with few nutrients of interest. Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is key these days, so it is more than necessary to resort to different types of plant foods in all our meals.

When boredom lurks, we are likely to take more than one unnecessary trip to the pantry and / or fridge with the goal of eating appetizing but unhealthy products. In general, we should limit pecking among others and prioritize more hearty meals throughout the day, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, it is not necessary to meet a specific number of intakes throughout the day, since this must be adapted at all times to the preferences and needs of the individual.

Remember that those healthy foods such as nuts can also become a problem if we spend with eating, since they have a high caloric content. The canning group has become a fundamental resource during these days of quarantine, since prioritizing the purchase of food with a longer shelf life can help us to confront the days of confinement with greater tranquility.

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This is the case of canned foods, although not all of them meet an acceptable nutritional quality. If we focus on canned vegetables, surely we will not find big problems, since most of them are preserved naturally, that is, with water, salt and perhaps a little citric acid as an antioxidant. All of them become very valid options and rich in nutrients that can be included in our diet without problems. For example: canned peppers, artichokes, asparagus, or peas.

On the other hand, as far as canned fish is concerned, it would be interesting to prioritize those naturally and with olive oil as a governing liquid or canned cover over those that have refined oils and sugars in their composition. For example: tuna, bonito, mussels, mackerel, sardines, canned salmon.

Whenever we think about healthy eating, we tend to forget quite easily that the side drink can also become an important source of empty calories if we do not select healthy options. In fact, it would be quite easy for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages like wine and beer to take center stage these days in our homes. We must try to reduce its consumption to a minimum, since its intake is harmful to health even in small doses.

Instead, we must prioritize water consumption as a star drink during meals, as it can be infused with citrus, spices and other fruits. Water has no calories, and this will help us keep our daily energy balance more stable. This last tip serves as a culmination to all the recommendations described above to eat healthy at home during quarantine, since if we do not buy unhealthy products on our visits to the supermarket, we will not be tempted to resort to them at times of downturn at home , boredom or stress.

For this reason, it is also key to occupy our time during these days in useful and enriching tasks, taking advantage to do sports at home in a simple way, read those books that we had pending, play video games or continue training through the Internet.

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