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How To Eat Crawfish Although you can enjoy crabs almost anywhere, for those who live near the Chesapeake Bay in the United States, eating steaming hot crab is a way of life.

How To Eat Crawfish Is Essential For Your Success Read This
How To Eat Crawfish Is Essential For Your Success Read This

In crab restaurants throughout the area, piles of crabs are poured onto a brown paper table and each diner is given a crab mallet and plastic knife. Different types of crabs are available in other regions of the country, but most are generally eaten in the same way: opening the crab to get to the meat of the body, the pincers, and the legs.

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Step 1

Spread newspaper or brown paper on the table.

Step 2

Remove the crab claws by turning them where they are attached to the body.
Step 3

Open the pliers by striking it firmly with the mallet. Hit the pincer at a few points to get to all the meat and eat it, or set it aside for later.
Step 4

Pull the legs by the part where they meet the body. Eat all the meat that is exposed when you pull on the leg. You can also break the legs at their joints to get to the meat inside.
Step 5

Flip the crab over so the belly is up, and remove the T-shaped part by sliding the knife underneath it and pulling up. When you rip out the mouth, some parts of the crab should also come out.
Step 6

Flip the crab over and remove the shell by inserting your thumb into space where the mouth was and pull up.
Step 7

Remove the yellowish fat, known as mustard (which is edible), and the galls, which are not edible.
Step 8

Cut the body in half and remove the meat from both parts with your fingers. Use the plastic knife to scrape off the meat.

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