Secrets About Whatsapp: So You Can Easily Know Which Contacts

How to get a notification Today we bring you a few of tricks not appropriate for obsessive, jealous and paranoid but that, nonetheless, can be extremely helpful for parents interested with teenage kids that spend everything: the best way to very easily realize and with a single glance that of your WhatsApp associates are actually online at all the times and how you can find out how and when much your contacts connect during the day.

How to get a notification when a specific WhatsApp contact goes
How to get a notification when a specific WhatsApp contact goes

According to contacts with telephone numbers, WhatsApp is considered the most popular messaging program in Spain and has large numbers of owners in the nation of ours. Nevertheless, in addition to the standard features, the software has some more hi-tech tricks that will enable us to manage the application such as a professional.

In the guidance we bring you these days you are going to learn the best way to immediately recognize which of your contacts are actually online at all occasions. Traditionally, to do this it’s essential to open up the chats of the individuals we wish to gossip one by 1 and find out in case they show up as “online”.

The legend “online” suggests that our interlocutor is now utilizing the application: sending emails, reviewing classic interactions, sending documents or even just having the software turned on at that moment.

Reinvent Whatsapp: So You Can Easily Know Which Contacts Are Online And How Many Times They Connect Daily Without Looking Like An Amateur

It’s therefore a basic means of knowing whether the individual to whom we’re going to send out the idea is utilizing the application at this particular time. A strategy which, though it may be utilized in faith that is very good, also raises many discussions between couples.

Probably The fastest way to learn which contacts are actually online at any moment is actually with the Google Chrome WA Web Plus extension, that must certanly be operated in conjunction with WhatsApp Web.

To get this done, utilizing Google Chrome internet browser, we need to set up the extension in this particular link. Once installed (the procedure is going to take aproximatelly twenty seconds) a green icon will show up with a cross following to the internet browser bar. At that moment, we need to log in to WhatsApp Web. The Chrome extension will group the picture of all our associates online at that moment with a green group.

Additionally, the extension for WhatsApp Web enables us some other incredibly helpful choices in the workplace or even in order to stay away from prying eyes like hiding by default the title of the contacts of ours, the profile images of theirs as well as the content of the chats. This info will appear blurred and can basically be proven whether we spend the mouse of the pc of ours.

Even though the Chrome extension just provides us real time info, you will find some other choices which offer us with statistics and information about the contacts of ours on WhatsApp. One of them is actually the WhatsLog application: web last seen.

This software provides comprehensive statistics of the junctions of the contacts of ours through texts and graphics, that will enable us to monitor the actions of various other WhatsApp visitors.

Although it’s a paid program, it’s a totally free trial period which is readily extended. Additionally, if any end user chooses to spend, they are able to also get personalized notifications with info about their contacts’ junctions.

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