Vegan YouTuber Rawvana Allegedly Caught Eating Fish In Another Person’s Vlog

Case Of Youtuber Rawvana  Yovana Mendoza, known as Rawvana is a youtuber who for years proclaimed the benefits of a vegan diet but was recently forced to publish a video in which she explains that she had to eat eggs and fish again for health reasons. Thus, the importance of having a balanced diet (with or without meats) is evident, since a vegan diet is not harmful if it is well planned.

How To Make Your The Case Of Youtuber Rawvana
How To Make Your The Case Of Youtuber Rawvana

The influencer Rawvana began six years ago on his YouTube channel to proclaim the benefits of a vegan diet. Thus, he reached two million followers until recently his friend and blogger Paula Galindo, known on YouTube as PauTips, betrayed his colleague during a trip to Bali through a video where he is seen eating fish.

Thus, his credibility has been questioned and his followers began to reduce. After that, Yovana posted a video in which he explains why it was viewed eating fish: In summary, youtuber points out in this video that he initially experienced amenorrhea after starting a vegan diet and performing a 25-day liquid fast. After that he spent more than a year without his menstruation and incorporated cooked food (it was not all raw) when he was detected anemia and alteration of different hormones such as thyroid.

Unknown Facts About The Case Of Youtuber Rawvana: A Vegan Diet Is Not Harmful If It Is Well Planned Revealed By The Experts

He was told the intake of different supplements and hormones that compensate for imbalances. Among other things, he had to ingest iron and vitamin B12 but over time he presented a vaginal candidiasis and after that, SIBO which is the bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine that can be caused by different causes but that the most recent theories consider that in reality the SIBO is a response of the organism interacting with its microbiota to try to solve another health problem, such as a nutritional deficit or a metabolic problem, so it is believed that Yovana led perhaps unbalanced nutrition derived this pathology.

Thus, in these cases it is advisable to have a FODMAP or low-residue diet, for which the intake of raw fruits and vegetables should be reduced to the maximum, something that was contrary to what the influencer did. But finally it explains why his diet is no longer raw and with some animal foods.

In short, this case of Rawvana leaves us a lesson: an unbalanced diet (whether vegan or not) can cause health problems, therefore, the key is always in the planning, because if taking a vegan diet would have resorted to supplements of vitamin B12 and the proper combination of nutrients perhaps all this would not have happened.

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