Thinking About How To Use Gloves To Avoid Getting Coronavirus?

How To Use Gloves To Avoid Getting Coronavirus Before putting on gloves, the first thing to do is wash your hands well. Gloves should never be removed on the outside of the gloves

How To Use Gloves To Avoid Getting Coronavirus to day
How To Use Gloves To Avoid Getting Coronavirus to day

The Collegiate Organization of Nursing has issued a warning to the population of the risk of contamination if disposable gloves are not used correctly. These gloves have become one of the essential protection measures to face the coronavirus, but are we using them correctly?

Currently, many people live in their homes with a person diagnosed or suspected of COVID-19 and, therefore, isolated. In these cases, the use of disposable gloves is recommended every time you enter the room to provide patient care, especially if you have some degree of dependency, or when you enter the room to perform cleaning tasks.

On this occasion, the General Nursing Council and the Collegial Organization emphasize the correct use of disposable gloves, especially when removing and disposing of them, when the risk of contamination is greater. How should it be done so that there is no risk?

The key step for the correct use of disposable gloves is the moment to take them off, and that is precisely when the risk of clean hands touching the contaminated surface is greater and, therefore, they can become infected with coronavirus. For this reason, the General Council of Nursing has launched a specific campaign to explain the correct use of protection measures.

Best Ways You Can Reinvent How To Use Gloves To Avoid Getting Coronavirus Without Looking Like An Amateur

Likewise, the General Council of Nursing insists on another fundamental aspect, such as hand hygiene before and after use, a gesture that many people forget as they consider that when using gloves they are sufficiently protected and it is no longer necessary to washed.

As its president, Florentino Pérez Raya, explained, “we know that this campaign is having a great reach among the population and that many professionals are recommending these materials to citizens so that they know how to act to avoid the infection or what to do if they have symptoms, if they have been diagnosed or if they live with an isolated person. For this reason, we will also continue working on this line aimed at the population and in the coming days we will continue to disseminate more materials of this type, attending to the needs that we detect. ”

In this campaign 10 steps are marked to correctly use the gloves. The first of these, hand hygiene. It is very important that before putting on gloves, your hands are very clean so that the outer surface of the glove does not become contaminated when putting it on. After glove donning, another key step is glove removal. To do this, with one hand you must pinch the inside of the glove lightly and thus pull downwards and outwards, so that the glove can be removed from the glove without touching the inside.

Next, with the hand that remains with the glove on, the glove that you have previously removed will be collected, and with two fingers of the hand without a glove, they will be inserted inside the glove that is left on and it will be removed by giving it turn so that only the inside of the glove is touched. Then the two gloves will be thrown in the trash. Once the gloves are removed, they should be washed again.

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