Is this the first ‘smartphone’ with folding and giant screen of Xiaomi?

In this rumor mill, raised to science many times when the big appointments of the technology sector are approaching, there are some ways that can help distinguish between so much noise, personal betting or, directly, smoke. One of them is Evan Blass. Born in Philadelphia, he has been the editor of some of the main specialized media of the guild and probably the one that has leaked the most exclusives over the years since @evleaks, his war name on Twitter. This Thursday it seems that it hit the target twice again: the first, the supposed first real image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the second, an ace that was kept up its sleeve.

This same night, just released a video that supposedly showed the first folding ‘smartphone’ developed by Xiaomi. A terminal that physically remembers more, seeing the images, that first Google Nexus and other small tablets.

In the video, in which you can see some hands moving with the supposed terminal of Xiaomi in a dark room, you can see how the menu works for the different ‘apps’ and enter a map to see how the application is in detail. The most interesting is the moment when they double it.

Two folds, three parts

Is this the first 'smartphone' with folding and giant screen of Xiaomi
Is this the first ‘smartphone’ with folding and giant screen of Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s folding mobile will do so in three, according to Blass’s video. This changes what has been seen so far in the market in which manufacturers opted only for a single fold. A system that we saw, very slightly, in the ‘Infinity Play Display’ of Samsung. A terminal that perhaps makes a more in-depth public appearance during the CES of Las Vegas, which officially starts next week in the American city, but which informally warms up since Saturday. The other project is from an independent FlexPai manufacturer, which has been ahead of the big players in the sector.

However, there are many details to be revealed. Evan himself shows his reservations and does not ensure that it is Xiaomi’s phone, although his sources seem to have confirmed this. However, he does not get wet before the possibility that it is what he calls ‘gadget porn deepfake’. In case of being real, Xiaomi could perhaps let him see in his previous event to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​on February 24; Or perhaps he will reserve it for one of the great stagings with which he usually surprised his followers in China or India.

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