Netflix’s The Magic Order: James Wan to Produce, Direct Pilot of Mark Millar Series

Mark Millar Team for Magic The director of ‘Aquaman’, James Wan, has already decided on his next project and, oh surprise, it is not the sequel to the successful adventure of DC Comics. A few hours ago confirmed that Wan will be the executive producer and will direct the pilot episode of the next series of Netflix, ‘The Magic Order’, based on the comic Mark Millar and will be the first series fruit of the collaboration of the platform and the Scottish writer’s editorial.

13 Reasons James Wan Will Direct The Pilot Of The Netflix Series ‘The Magic Order’, Created By Mark Millar Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

The story follows five families of magicians who have sworn to protect our world and who must fight against an enemy that is killing them one by one. By day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends and co-workers, but at night they are the sorcerers and wizards who protect us from the forces of darkness. Wan, who made his name as director of horror directing films like ‘Saw ‘o’ Warren File ‘, but he achieved his greatest success by expanding his horizon with titles like’ Fast and Furious 7 ‘and the aquatic adventure in the service of Jason Momoa.

Mark Millar Team for Magic
Mark Millar Team for Magic

In addition, ‘The Magic Order’ will not be the first contact of Wan with television, as he has previously directed the pilot of another series, in this case the remake of ‘MacGyver’ for CBS.

In addition, Wan is also up to his neck in the imminent and presumably terrifying ‘Swamp Thing’, in this case for DC Universe. The director is expected to return for his appointment with ‘Aquaman 2’, which will not hit theaters until 2022. There is still no confirmed date for the premiere of the series, but everything points to the fact that starting the production now we can see it in some moment of next year.

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