Light healthy and enjoyable recipes

Light healthy and enjoyable recipes on your walk through
Light healthy and enjoyable recipes on your walk through

Light, healthy and enjoyable recipes on your walk through the web’s gastronomy: There is a month left to inaugurate the summer and it is already being noticed that the body asks for lighter meals, but that they do not necessarily have to be linked to the idea of weight loss diet cuisine.

We have perceived it in our walk through the gastronomy of the network, since there are many recipes that are inviting us to dream of afternoons on the terrace and summer vacations, fresh or simple, healthy and tasty dishes, which leave behind the force of winter.

To begin with, if you are one of those who does not skip breakfast, you will surely like the idea they propose at Can Joan i Sara, something as simple as bread and fruit; a good slice of homemade or artisan bread, tahini cream, banana, strawberries and walnuts. Nutritious, easy, satiating and, above all, very appetizing, very easy to customize to taste with other fruits or using peanut butter.

And it is that with so many fruits that we already have in the markets, and the one that is yet to come, it is difficult to resist preparing shakes and smoothies with it. In María’s blogs we will find two ideas, a simple recipe for strawberries and banana, and another with mango. If we thicken them, for example by freezing the fruit, we will have the perfect base for a very refreshing smoothie bowl.

Who says appetizers, says snack menu; Surely there are many of us who eat or dine with small bites when temperatures rise. Either way, I predict a summer full of spreads, in which hummus is king. To vary the classic recipe, we have the beet from Atrapada en mi cocina, with its beautiful intense color, and the complete creamy hummus with ratatouille, zaatar, parsley and pine nuts from Being Biotiful.

Taking advantage of the fact that they are still in season, Miriam from El Invitado de Invierno encourages us to cook with white asparagus, sharing up to three very appetizing recipes: pickled orange, grilled and salted. They look so good that it will be difficult to choose just one, so it is better to try them all.

Any of those asparagus recipes would go well on the table with fresh salmon and avocado toasts such as Cuchillito and fork, super nutritious and very appetizing at any time of day.

Also with the green tropical fruit we have the Paloma avocado gazpacho in How to make it, which is topped with prawns and chopped tomatoes. And to complete this selection of first courses, nothing like a homemade Caesar salad in the style of Al sur del sur, with a lighter sauce than the purely traditional, but without losing flavor.

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