City In The World Where The Coronavirus Progresses The Fastest

Madrid Is The City  The mortality curve for coronavirus in the Community of Madrid represents 55% of the total deaths from Covid-19 in Spain. If it continues like this, it could even surpass the Lombardy region or Wuhan

Madrid Is The City In The World Where The Coronavirus Progresses
Madrid Is The City In The World Where The Coronavirus Progresses

The human cost of the coronavirus outbreak continues to rise, with more than 372,000 infected people worldwide and more than 16,300 people dead. More than 180 countries have confirmed cases so far. And in Europe, two countries in the lead, Italy, where infections have decreased slightly for the second day, and Spain, where the curve continues to grow.

According to the newspaper, Financial Times in many of the countries affected by the coronavirus, a small number of regions have endured the worst part of the virus. Lombardia has eclipsed Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus, as the most affected region in the world, and in Spain, Madrid could soon overcome even that.

Deaths from coronaviruses in Madrid were 1,263 until March 23, a figure that was reached in less than 15 days, while in Lombardy they are just over 4,000 in 25 and in Wuhan just over 2,000 in more than 35 days. Data that reflects that Madrid has become the region in the world in which the virus progresses the fastest.

In the last four days, mortality from the coronavirus in the Community of Madrid has doubled. If last week in 24 hours the number of deaths did not exceed 100, since the weekend, the number of daily deaths from coronavirus is more than 200.

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Monday, March 23, 1,263 dead; Sunday, March 22, 1,021 dead; Saturday, March 21, 804 dead; Friday, March 20, 628 dead; Thursday, March 19, 498 dead; Wednesday, March 18, 390 dead; Tuesday, March 17, 355 dead; Monday, March 16, 213 dead. Coronavirus mortality is being primed with the Community of Madrid. These are the data on deaths in a week and what is observed is not only an increase in the number of deaths from one day to the next, but also that Madrid is the community with the highest lethality due to Covid-19. According to data from the Ministry of Health, there are four Autonomous Communities that suffer the most increase with each passing day and since the health crisis erupted: Madrid, the Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarra.

Madrid is the Autonomous Community that registers the most cases of contagion by coronavirus. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, in Madrid on March 23 there were 10,575 infected and 1,263 deaths from Covid-19. An increase compared to the situation in Lombardy shows that if this trend continues, Madrid could even overtake the Italian region, which a few days ago already overtook Wuhan, the Chinese region where the coronavirus outbreak arose.

Such is the situation, that With the funeral companies saturated, Madrid will use the Ice Palace as a morgue, a shopping center with a skating rink that will serve as an alternative to store the corpses of those killed by coronavirus. The bodies will remain there until funeral homes can bury or incinerate them. The decision is made “in view of the scarcity of resources for the mortuary” in a crisis that “implies a significant number of daily deaths, exceeding the available installation resources,” according to a report by Madrid Salud

Mortality in the Community of Madrid represents 55% of the total deaths from coronavirus in Spain, well above the second Autonomous Community with the most deaths, Catalonia, whose deaths represent just over 10% of the total. It is followed by Castilla La Mancha, one of the Autonomous Communities that has experienced the most increase in cases and deaths in recent days, but even so, deaths in the La Mancha region only represent 6% of total mortality in Spain due to coronavirus.

Very different curves are also occurring in the United States between states. Washington experienced the first outbreak in the United States, but its death toll has increased relatively slowly since then. New York’s mortality curve is much steeper.

In most Western countries, the number of cases has increased by about 33% a day, a sign that other countries will soon face the same challenge as Italy. In Spain, for example, this increase remains at around 15% -20%, which is good news compared to other countries, although concern is focused on Madrid where the curve continues to rise.

Despite the data, this Monday, the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, predicted that the “peak” of the pandemic in the region will occur this week, and he has hoped that at the end the result will be perceived of the containment measures and the inflection point is already produced in which there are fewer infections than the previous day.

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