Most Noticeable Margarita Recipe

Margarita Recipe is a cocktail made from tequila, triple dry and lime juice that is served in bars around the world. It is, without a doubt, one of the combinations that any self-respecting bartender must handle perfectly, but anyone can prepare it at home by following some simple rules.

Margarita Recipe Works Only Under These Conditions
Margarita Recipe Works Only Under These Conditions

As with most cocktails, its history is controversial. The most widespread legend tells that Carlos ‘Anny’ Herrera invented it in his restaurant Rancho La Gloria, halfway between Tijuana and Rosarito, to please the former dancer Marjorie King, who only drank tequila. Others place their birth in Ensenada, Ciudad Juárez, El Paso or Acapulco, always to please a girl named Margarita. But, without wishing to be a party pooper, most likely, the team wasn’t even invented in Mexico.

As Imbibe magazine points out, it is hard to believe that a Mexican invented this drink, since Mexico has never had a culture of cocktails and, even today, no one who is not a tourist drinks margaritas.

Probably, like most cocktails, the Margarita must have been born in the USA, in times of the dry law, when a cocktail known as Daisy (which is nothing but “margarita” in English) became popular, very similar, but with brandy instead of tequila.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the first written reference to the popular cocktail dates back to 1953, when Esquire magazine dedicated an article to it, in which it was called an “exciting and provocative” drink. It was around this time that it should have spread throughout the world.

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Although cocktails were probably born to make undrinkable liquors drinkable, the truth is that they improve a lot with quality alcohol, something that also ensures that we do not have a Hemingway hangover.

In our case we have opted for an exquisite tequila Don Julio reposado, although it can be made with lower-level distillates. We only highly recommend running away from the typical white bottle tequila for patron saint festivals. The most popular triple dried is the Cointreau, which in fact owes its name to the inventor of this orange peel distillate, Edouard Cointreau, but you can use any other – this we did with the Larios classic. And, although limes are essential in the original recipe, the world will not end if you use lemon.

La Margarita does not have an exact recipe. The proportions vary according to the source consulted, although, in general, more tequila than a triple sec and lime juice is usually added. In our case, triple, but just add two measures. A matter of taste.


For 1 unit

Tequila 75 ml
Triple dry 25 ml
Lime juice 25 ml

How to make Margarita Cocktail

Difficulty: easy

Total time 5 m
Preparation 5 m

First of all, we must prepare the glasses in which we are going to serve the cocktail. La Margarita is one of those cocktails that has a glass that bears his name, which we were lucky enough to count on, but it can be prepared in conventional cocktail glasses or in the typical wide-use champagne. Be that as it may, we must pass the file along the edge of the glass and place this upside down on a plate with salt, to achieve the mythical saline edge that characterizes the cocktail.

Once we have the glasses ready, with the help of the measuring glass we pour into the cocktail shaker the freshly squeezed lime juice, the tequila, and the triple dried (in this order, since the “diluents” are always placed before). Then we add four or five ice cubes – preferably industrial, to avoid bad smells from the fridge. Cover and shake the shaker for 15 seconds, serving the cocktail with the help of the filter of the shaker itself or the strainer.

Traditionally cocktails are served without any accompaniment, although some will always appreciate some dried fruit. When it comes to a festive moment, the most important thing, perhaps, is to choose a good disco with which to drink the Margarita. Our selection: the LP that Laurel Aitken, considered the godfather of ska, recorded in 1999 recreating some of the greatest successes of Latin music. It goes without saying that the Margarita, like all cocktails, has a huge amount of alcohol. One is enough, two a lot, and with three salts in drag. He who warns is not a traitor.

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