How To Learn Menemen Recipe: Spicy Vegetable

Menemen Recipe We as of late reviewed our outing to Turkey six years prior in the movement area of the blog, and that has given us a colossal want to return.

Menemen Recipe Spicy Vegetable 11 11 - The Next Step
Menemen Recipe Spicy Vegetable 11 11 – The Next Step

Notwithstanding, it isn’t something that will occur soon, so we have chosen to exploit this test of Color and Seasonal Flavor to go there in another manner: through its gastronomy.

This month the proposed products of the soil were tomato and apple, and we immediately settled on tomato, so as to carry this formula to the blog that I love and needed to distribute quite a while in the past.

It is the menemen, the Turkish vegetable scramble, where the hero, along with the eggs, is the tomato.

Menemen is ordinarily eaten at the relaxed end of the week breakfast, however, it’s delightful to such an extent that it is enticing whenever of the day and can consummately fill in as a basic supper or light lunch. Interestingly, it is arranged rapidly and furthermore fills in as an “express formula” for a considerable length of time with a brief period to cook.

It is as yet served hot in the container itself in which it was cooked went with bread and a pot of ground dark pepper to give the last touch to the flavor of every burger joint.

cauldron fixings:

4 or 5 huge, ready tomatoes

1 onion

2 green peppers

3 eggs

1 stew, hacked

olive oil

new oregano or thyme

salt and pepper

Elaboration of the Menemen:

We wash the vegetables and cut the onion and peppers into long dainty strips. In a skillet, put a couple of tablespoons of olive oil over medium-low warmth and sauté the onion with somewhat salt to make it sweat. At the point when it gets straightforward, include the pepper and cook for 5 minutes, blending at times.

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At the point when the vegetables are cooked, we wash the tomatoes and cut them into little pieces on the head of the dish, mixing as often as possible to limit sprinkling.

Season with thyme or oregano, and season to taste. Finely slash the bean stew and add it to the stew also. Let cook around 7 or 8 minutes with the pot secured, blending regularly.

While the tomato is done cooking, in a profound plate we beat the white of the three eggs vivaciously and marginally break the yolks, blending them in with the white. We bring down the warmth and add them to the stew.

We evacuate until the whites start to coagulate and expel from the warmth. We don’t need the egg to overcook in this formula!

At the point when the egg is prepared, expel from the warmth and serve quickly joined by great bread to appreciate it unbounded. Furthermore, our Turkish vegetable scramble is prepared, to eat menemen! A light, basic, quick, and delightful dish whenever of the day.

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