How To Choose Minsait Acquires Fintech Afterbanks To Accelerate Its Open Banking Business

Minsait Acquires Fintech Afterbanks, an Indra business, has acquired hundred % of the Afterbanks startups, fintech which has a differential technology which enables you to draw out and aggregate data from various banks in time that is real and initiate payments immediately and completely easily, an operation which accelerates Minsait’s improvement in the wide open banking enterprise, with excellent potential particularly in Europe and Latin America.

Minsait Acquires Fintech Afterbanks To Accelerate Its Open
Minsait Acquires Fintech Afterbanks To Accelerate Its Open

In a statement, Minsait remarks Afterbanks complements its “advanced offer” for the financial industry and expands the value proposition as well as advantages of the solutions of its in areas like solutions, data intelligence, or payment methods that offer companies The financial management of yours In addition, he adds it’s the 2nd purchase functioning of a startup, after shooting a stake in Finect, closed through Indraventures, Indra’s business car to enhance its connection with startups, spinoffs, intrapreneurs and colleges ; channel and financial initiatives targeted at accelerating originality in Indra.

“Ratifies, consequently, the good results of Indra’s open feature version, which is designed to add to boost its offer and enhance its technological leadership,” underlines the subsidiary of Information Technology (IT) and Indra digital transformation consultation services.

Afterbanks, with offices in Spain and also the United Kingdom, presently provides connection to much more than a 100 banks, many of which work in Spain and another twenty in countries like Chile, Mexico, Canada and also the United States. It’s much more than 120,000 businesses and people that make use of its engineering.

There’s A Right Way To Talk About Minsait Acquires Fintech Afterbanks To Accelerate Its Open Banking Business And There’s Another Way…

Fintech has gotten since the inception of its the assistance of the Marine Business Entrepreneurship hub encouraged by Juan Roig, president of Mercadona, being sped up by Lanzadera in 2018, and consequently getting the expenditure of Angels, in a round in what the realized ones also participated Investors François Derbaix and Fernando Cabello Astolfi.

The business is going to maintain its typical manufacturer as well as functions, so that the solutions it offers to the customers of its will continue to feature in the exact same way they’ve done so much. Along with the technological features of its, Minsait is going to provide Afterbanks with a complementary client base and its worldwide presence to facilitate the export of its products.

The joint worth proposal of Afterbanks plus Minsait ensures “the top performance” in payment services, security, and data intelligence in the brand new open banking atmosphere, which makes possible the brand new European transaction directive PSD2.

Afterbanks technology is today being tested in innovative digital transformation initiatives in businesses that are big for instance, to facilitate “invisible payment” in stores through face recognition, real time profiling for digital customer finance or maybe reconciliation bank account to facilitate the proposal of assertive financing strategies to SMEs.

The agreement for the acquisition of Afterbanks has been signed in Valencia and has been closed through Indraventures. It’s an element of Indra’s wide open, flexible and agile innovation version, which is designed to increase and strategically accelerate the capability for producing and capturing disruptive concepts that could add to boosting the portfolio and producing a brand new, much more revolutionary culture in the business.

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