Strengthen The Bond With Your Future Baby In The Water Strategies Revealed

Most Popular Strengthen Do you know that preparing for water birth has many advantages? In addition to the physical benefits of aquatic activity, you can connect with your little one before birth. Find out how.

Most Popular Strengthen The Bond With Your Future Baby In The Water
Most Popular Strengthen The Bond With Your Future Baby In The Water

It helps to connect with the baby that floats in the amniotic fluid, as well as to strengthen the bond of love with the baby. The slowness of the movements imposed by the aquatic environment and the possibility of being carried away by the thrust of the liquid allows tensions to be relaxed, favoring relaxation and meditation. In this way, the future mother can get carried away, figuratively, to her origins, evoking the same pleasant sensations that her son is experiencing in her womb.

The courses of aquatic activities for pregnant women as a method of preparing for childbirth are intended to enhance the awareness of the future mother, both of herself and the presence of the child, as well as her innate ability to give birth and care for her son . Water thus becomes a common denominator between the mother and her child, and serves to establish deep contact, helping the woman prepare to be a mother, not only physically, but, above all, psychologically.

When Professionals Run Into Problems With Strengthen The Bond With Your Future Baby In The Water, This Is What They Do

If your gynecologist has determined that there are no contraindications, from the first trimester of pregnancy, you can immerse yourself in the water of your bathtub, which should have a pleasantly warm temperature. Rest your hands gently on the lower abdomen and concentrate with your eyes closed, thinking of your child caressed by the water, as you are.

If you go to the pool, ask your partner to hold you while you float extended. Relax all the tensions of the body and let yourself rock gently, trying to breathe slowly and visualizing the little one inside you. If you have confidence with the water, you can dive completely and squat down, head down and with your eyes closed, exactly in the fetal position. In this way, you will perceive the attenuated sounds and live the same sensations as the baby. Normally, this exercise is proposed in the swimming pools where birth preparation courses are taught.

– Towards the end of pregnancy, you can do another exercise that will help you relive the moment of birth: dive completely into the water. Then, little by little, emerge again and observe your sensations: the light that is increasingly intense, the temperature difference, the sounds that are sharpening … The bond with your child will be deeper, because you will have experienced his emotions When it comes to the world.

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